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I’m so excited, because today we have our first Desktop Designer from outside the U.S.! Simone Kalt is based in Switzerland, and it’s such a treat to bring her work to you. I loved her design from the get-go because it’s a little edgy, a little humorous, and perfect for Valentine’s Day!

Here’s a little more from Simone.

Simone Kalt

Hope you guys love this one! It’s definitely on my desktop and makes me giggle every time I see it. Be sure to get your download, below, and be sure to check out Simone’s website! xoxo

Simone KaltDownload for Desktop.

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  2. I love designs with the human heart. I am a cardiovascular nurse and the nerdy biology girl in me loves it!!

  3. I love this. The first valentines day I spent with my now husband I made him a shrink-y-dink with a picture like this. I just put in on the desktop for him to find when he gets home. Thanks

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