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I love, love, love, the sentiment that Jennie Glaser-Koehler is giving us with this week’s Desktop Designer feature. I think it cuts straight to the heart of things and it’s such a brilliant reminder for me, especially right now. Jennie is a graphic designer with a pretty rad portfolio — when was the last time you saw knitted scenery for a film? Yeah, never. So check it out for sure. I love that her design takes so many different forms, from illustration and brand packages to full-scale window installations. Creativity is so wonderful, isn’t it?

On top of that, Jennie’s got an Etsy shop just for all of you knitters out there (click through to see what I mean!). And here’s a little more from this awesome designer!



So many thanks to Jennie for this awesome work! Get it while it’s hot, right down below. xoxo

Download for Desktop.
Download for Tablet.
Download for Phone.

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