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Paris is always a good idea.
-Audrey Hepburn, Sabrina


I’m particularly stoked about today’s Desktop Designer because she and I go way back — way back to the days when I was teaching high school and she was one of my students! Flash forward to now and she’s a stunningly talented, super-cool, fully grownup married lady who I’m so happy to say that I count as a friend.

Danielle Sutherland is a Design Researcher here in the Los Angeles area, and fills her hours both in and out of work with creative adventures. Not only is she a baker (girl after my own heart!) but dabbles in hand-lettering in her spare time. Though I’d call this a little more than dabbling…


I mean, come ON! Never in a million years could I make something that cool. I’m always awed by folks who can visualize something in their head and then make it come to life with pencil and paper. And the fact that Danielle chose this particular quote is pretty cool, because she just arrived back from a Parisian honeymoon with her new husband! She said some of her favorite moments were just walking in the evening along the Seine, and so we decided a Parisian night sky would be the perfect background for her awesome lettering. Here’s more from today’s creative!

danniinterviewSo many thanks to Danielle for jazzing up your desktops with a little Parisian love! Check out more of her style on Pinterest, where she curates some totally beautiful boards. Don’t forget to download your wallpaper, below, and have a beautiful weekend. xoxo


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  1. I am actually contemplating BECOMING her friend because of the sentence “revolving-door-dance and whiney song”