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DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

There was this one year that for some reason, Mr. Lovely and I got invited to a whole slew of various parties that each had a dress-up theme. And not a one of them was a Halloween party. In one year, we were a couple from the 1920’s, a greaser and a bobbysoxer, Lucy and Ricky, and a handful of other combos. That’s when I got the idea for Costumes from Your Closet, because we didn’t want to keep going out and buying pieces for every party that came up. That year, when Halloween rolled around we opened our closets and the one thing we both had were flannel shirts. And so the lumberjack costumes were born.

I love these costumes, because they feel like just wearing normal clothes! (Ignoring the fact that I happen to be a pregnant lumberjack this year, but who really cares.) Here’s the short list of what you’ll need: jeans, boots, and a flannel. Done. If you really want to go for the gold, your bonus accessories are just as simple: a beanie, fingerless gloves, suspenders, and an axe if you want to carry around a deadly weapon all night. (Yikes?) Also, put a little blush on your cheeks and noses so it looks like you’ve been topping trees in the cold.

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

That’s all there is to it! Mr. Lovely’s random shaggy beard really goes with this particular costume, and I kinda liked his little superman curl hanging out of his beanie so we left it. For lady lumberjacks, I’m thinking the two ponytails will keep your hair out of your eyes while you’re lumberjacking. Side note: I don’t know why we look so disgruntled about being lumberjacks. I guess we just figured it’s an occupation that we would take extremely seriously. Here’s one where we’re happy about it, for good measure.

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

We’ve got one more costume coming up next week, perfect for all y’all ladies! I’d love for you to leave a comment if you’re dressing up this year, and let me know what your costume is. Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m off to chop down a tree. xoxo

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  1. Since I’m going to 2 little parties this year, I decided to keep it simple. At the museum I’m going as a loosely inspired/modern Mad Men-esque woman. For the Nissi’s I’m a black and white film star turning into a coloured film star. Although I do LOVE this lumber jack costume!

  2. You have to be THEE cutest prego lumberjack to have ever walked the forest. I mean that.

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