DIY Folk Singer Halloween Costume

Costumes From Your Closet // Folk Singer

At first I was going to call this costume “Lady of the Canyon,” after Joni Mitchell’s album. Ya know, all the cool hippie girls who hung out in Laurel Canyon in the 1960’s, being barefoot and writing music and making…Read More

DIY Lumberjack Halloween Costume

Costumes From Your Closet // Lumberjacks

There was this one year that for some reason, Mr. Lovely and I got invited to a whole slew of various parties that each had a dress-up theme. And not a one of them was a Halloween party. In one year,…Read More

DIY Soda Jerk Halloween Costume

Costumes From Your Closet // Soda Jerk

Hey Halloweenies! We’re back this week with another installment of Costumes from your Closet! I’m just loving the idea of being able to put together a costume without going out and having to purchase parts or special pieces that you’ll…Read More

DIY Mouseketeer Halloween Costume

Costumes From Your Closet // Mouseketeer

It’s October! And I’m so excited! It’s fall and Halloween is coming and the weather is cooling off and all of these things make me just really happy. And to top it all off, I’ve been waiting and waiting to…Read More

DIY Soda Jerk Halloween Costume

Costumes You Can Make Before Halloween

Some years you have costume ideas coming out of your ears, and some years it’s like scraping the bottom of the barrel. Either way, we rounded up our fastest, easiest ideas for a whole bunch of costumes you can make…Read More

Where's Waldo family Halloween costume

Where’s Waldo Family Halloween Costumes

I always see these totally brilliant family Halloween costume ideas online, but then I just get too overwhelmed to make it happen. Last year when we were Peter Pan I was scrambling at the last minute (one month postpartum with…Read More

DIY Family Halloween Costumes

6 DIY Family Halloween Costumes

I am totally hell bent on the idea of a family Halloween costume this year. Last year around this time I was giantly pregnant and exhausted and it was all I could do to get a bowl of candy for…Read More

No-Carve String Message Pumpkins

Last-Minute Halloween Ideas

I honestly can’t believe that Halloween is in a few days. This fall has been a (wonderful) whirlwind and the weeks are flying! But not to worry, you’re not the only one who lost track of time. I’ll definitely be…Read More

DIY Dog Cupcake Halloween Costume

Pet Halloween Costume // Cupcake

We’ll have another Costumes from Your Closet for all of you humans tomorrow, but today we’re diving into a costume for your pup! I’ve never made a pet costume before, so I thought it would be fun to tackle this…Read More