Choosing Tile for the Bathroom


Pattern tile with feet and yellow shoes

We’re knee-deep in our renovation and it’s coming down to the point where we’re finally getting to choose the fun stuff! Tile, faucets, tubs — my brain is swimming every day with a million little decisions. I have this problem where I get stuck on choosing something because I feel like there’s one right answer out there and I have to exhaust every single avenue before I find the correct one. We were having that problem while we were looking for bathroom tile, and finally found a place that knocked us both off our feet — the magical world of Fireclay Tile.

Basically, this place is a tile dreamland. (The photo above is from their showroom, and that tile is hand painted!) They have every gorgeous color of the rainbow and you can get any color made into almost any of their tile sizes and shapes. And every single tile is made by hand. Woah. They told me once that seven different people have to handle every single tile as it goes through the creation process. Can you believe that?! It’s just so beautiful and so special, and you can tell that they love what they do. I sort of became obsessed with figuring out how to get some Fireclay tile into both our new master bathroom and the updated guest bathroom. But with all of the gorgeous colors and shapes, I got a little overwhelmed. I mean, just look at this:

Bathroom tile

Tiles are listed as Color | Pattern: Stilbite | Rectangles. Claypot | Kite.  Sorbet | Picket. Daffodil  | Paseo. Tuolumne Meadows | Wave. Chartreuse | Small Diamond. Serpentine | Chaine Femme. Azurine | Star & Cross. Moonstone | Triangle Straight Set. Bora Bora | Hexagon.  Glacier Bay | Chaine Homme. St. Alban’s Blue | Scalene Straight Set.

So we realized we needed some help. They have a showroom in San Francisco where you can see all the colors and shapes in person, so we made a day of it and headed to the city. I kind of had an idea of what I wanted but I was still a little all over the board. They have designers in the showroom to help crazy people like me who just want one of everything — enter Jenni, our tile savior. We showed her our project, gave her an idea of our style, and she helped guide us to figure out what would work best. They can even mock up renderings of your room with different tile patterns, colors, and all kinds of custom ideas to help you see what your choices might look like. That was what really eventually helped us make our final decisions. Also, here’s a little snap of their pattern wall in the showroom. Can you even stand it?

Fireclay Tile Showroom

And I’m so excited to say that we finally did decide on some tile! I’ll be showing you our choices in the coming weeks (I think I might do a little preview on Instagram stories, so follow along over there!) for both the master and the guest bath. But just as a hint, the colors that we chose are somewhere in the tile samples in the photo below. Any guesses? You guys. Are gonna. Flip your lids. xoxo

Tile for this post graciously provided by Fireclay Tile.

Fireclay Tile Samples



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  1. Wow, I can totally see how you got overwhelmed in an awesome place like that! So many gorgeous options. And I’m gonna hope it’s a combo of gray and those happy yellows or maybe that pretty mint blue. 😉 But seriously, can’t wait to see what you chose!