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One of my favorite things that I do (that has no relationship to my family or my work) is my participation our local Soroptimist chapter. Soroptimist means “Best for Women,” and our mission is to improve the lives of women and girls in our community and on a larger scale. We meet a few times a month and when we do, the room is filled with all of these women, each of whom is an incredible powerhouse in her own way. I joined in an effort to start giving back to the community in a specific way, but I’ve gained so much more than that. It’s something I truly look forward to doing every week.

We do this one huge fundraiser dinner every year, and it’s coming up next month. The proceeds from the event go directly to giving scholarships to women who are head of house and working on completing their education. To hear the stories that the recipients tell us each year of their background and how they came to be where they are is so incredibly humbling. And inspiring. It’s something that I’m so grateful to be a part of. One of the things we do to raise money at this big fundraiser is a silent auction, where each Soroptimist member is responsible for securing a few items to auction off.

This year, as I was thinking of what my items should be, I was trying to think of brands that I love that also have a philanthropic mission and Yoobi immediately came to mind. You’ve probably seen me talk about them on Instagram stories, but in case you haven’t: for every Yoobi item purchased, they donate one item to a U.S. classroom in need. So awesome. So reached out to them to see if they would be interested in donating a basket of school supplies to the auction for Soroptimist and boy, did they ever come through.

I just wanted to share all of this here because I’m feeling increasingly passionate about getting involved and about working with brands who have the same values. There are so many people who need assistance in so many varied ways, and I’m just barely dipping a toe in finding ways to help. But when you find a way that resonates with you, the rewards are so worth it.

Also, can you even believe these Yoobi school supplies? I’m linking them all below because they’re all so insanely cute (that flamingo stapler?!), and I can’t wait to see who gets this basket at the auction. I’m so grateful to them for supplying this all for our event.

If you’re interested, find out more about Yoobi or Soroptimist! xoxo

Palm Document Holder. Tropical Sticky Notes. Tropical Weekly Notepad. Puffy Stickers. Journal. Glitter Floaty Pen. Pom Pom Push Pins. Pineapple Coin Purse. Flamingo Coin Purse. Flamingo Stapler. Good Vibes Stickers. Glitter Composition Book. Palm Notebook. Flamingo Keychain. Pineapple Folders. Palm Document Organizer. Washi Tape. Mini Supply Kit. Yaaas Scissors.

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  1. This is amazing. Yoobi’s Donation to Soroptimist International of Modesto North is so generous.
    I fell in love with their adorable lunchboxes! Going to order some as gifts now!

  2. My daughter and I love looking at all the fun supplies in the Yoobi store at our local mall. I love hearing about the great work they are doing by providing supplies to classrooms. Makes me want to shop there even more!