Be Thankful iPhone Wallpaper

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Hey you lovely people! I felt like celebrating today, so I made a little present for y’all. It’s just a simple little iPhone wallpaper background to help you get into the thankful spirit. It’s available in four fall colors, so choose your fave (or all of them!) and download away. I’m loving the gray one on my phone. Have fun. xoxo

iphonewallpaperDownload Olive
Download Khaki
Download Golden
Download Gray

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  1. The wallpaper is fun, but I’m of course equally enamored with crane scissors, lion brooch, and [enter name of animal] letter opener!

    Any tips on where to score such gold-laden items?

  2. This is absolutely fantastic and gorgeous and oh-so-seasonal! I love it and am currently changing my iPhone wallpaper as we speak!

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