Baby’s Almost Here

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How to make a floral clock for spring parties, wedding showers, or baby showers

It is getting REAL gang. In (allegedly) two weeks, a little girl will be joining us. Just wanted to take a sec and keep you updated on what you’ll find around these parts in the coming weeks.

The short version is, nothing’s gonna change! I’ve been working and working my pregnant fingers to the bone, preparing fun content for the next few months so that I can take it easy at work after Baby Girl joins us. So you’ll still find something new here every day, just like usual. And this time around, it’s all written by me! With Henry, I had some incredible friends step in and write some guests posts, which I was so thankful for. This time around I challenged myself to put all the content together, and I think we’ve done it.

I’m hoping to take about 3 months for some concentrated family time, right up until the end of the year. Which explains why I’ve already been working on not only Halloween content, but Thanksgiving and Christmas too. I know, it’s a little insane! And we’ve left a few spots on the calendar open for some fresh content that we’ll make along the way, so we’re mixing it up a bit too. I’ll still be around and sharing lots on social and all that, but my priority will be to take it easy on the work front and just raise those babies for a while. I’m 100% looking forward to it.

It just seems so weird that she’s almost here! I remember feeling this way too with Hank, kind of like a human time bomb. Technically she could arrive any day now, and the not knowing exactly when totally sets me on edge. (I’m a planner, in case you haven’t gotten that yet.) With Hank, I went into labor on his exact due date and he arrived the next morning. Anybody wanna place bets on when this nugget is gonna arrive? xoxo

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