A Day at the Lake


a day at the lake

a day at the lake

a day at the lake

Last weekend we headed up to Pinecrest Lake, one of our favorite hangouts in Northern California! I think one of these days soon I’ll do a whole travel guide on Sonora and Pinecrest, because they’re such incredible little mountain towns with some major magic spots. But for now, and to send you into your weekend, I thought I’d just include a few snapshots.

Henry, Maggie, and one of their little buddies had a blast just digging in the sand all day. The grownups took turns on the paddleboards and sometimes the kiddos would ride along. That drone photo up above is an image of the boat docks that Ryan got on one of our previous trips, and I love how all the little boats look from up above! I realized after this last trip that I’m never happy with my photos from Pinecrest because they’re always kind of blurry and fuzzy, and I think it’s because I need to use a lens hood on my camera when I’m shooting there! Duh. We’ll do some experimenting next time and grab some photos that do this place justice. It’s such a gem of our state.

Stay tuned for a full travel guide with our favorite recommendations, and have a great weekend! xoxo

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