Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

As soon as this one started taking shape, Mr. Lovely said it looked like a 1980’s video game. And I couldn’t really disagree. But I’m deciding that I like it. Perfect for an 80’s-themed party? Or a high school reunion? You could even leave pens by the photobooth and let people write notes on the Post-its! However you want to rock it, here’s what you’ll need.


  • Post-its (I used this six pack and it was enough for a 5′ x 4′ area)
  • level
  • blank wall

Make Time: 2 hours

Start by getting one even row of Post-its. Use a level for each Post-it, ensuring that it each one is straight and aligned directly next to the neighboring Post-it.

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

Once you have a straight and level row, use it as a guide to add rows above and beneath, until you are satisfied with the size of your backdrop.

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

Done! The technique for this one is beyond easy, but because there are so many pieces it’s a little more time-consuming than some of our other backdrops. And I’m not really sure why, but I feel like this one goes really well with some big ol’ headphones. xoxo

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

Photobooth Factory // Post-It Pixels

  1. LOVE this idea! Post-its are so great now that they come in so many fun colors. Also, you guys are awesome.. per usual!

  2. This is SO RAD and adorable. And seems super tedious. Also, where is that lovely tank top from? Honestly, I need it. xoxo

  3. Kelsey on said:

    These posts are so fun! I really like this one, I would be tempted to make a checkerboard pattern too!

  4. Miranda on said:

    Love this wall! You could probably play a giant game of tetris with it. What would also be cool was it some of it was chalkboard!

  5. Brittni on said:

    These pictures of your and Ryan are priceless. Love the backdrop too (of course).

  6. Laura on said:

    I love this idea and I love your fun pictures of yourselves! =)

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  8. Shellie on said:

    Loved this idea, simple but effective.

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