Photobooth Factory // Cinco de Mayo Fringe



There was no way this backdrop wasn’t going to happen. I mean, if Cinco de Mayo isn’t an excuse to have a photo wall full of giant fringe, I don’t know what is. So there.

This was my first project ever using the most delicious crepe paper I have ever found. It’s from Carte Fini, and it’s this amazing, heavy, delicious crepe paper that comes in a long, rolled-up sheet. (It’s about 19 inches wide and 8 feet long.) You can find it in other party stores as well; just do a search for “crepe paper rolls” and it should produce lots of options. If you want to make this backdrop, here’s the low-down:


  • crepe paper rolls in various colors
  • scissors
  • paper cutter, if available
  • masking tape

Make Time: 45 minutes


First, cut your crepe paper into strips that are 5 feet long and about 6 inches wide. It’s okay if your width isn’t exact!


Using a paper cutter or scissors, cut 1-inch-wide fringe along the strips, leaving about 2 inches intact.



Tape your fringed paper to the wall using multiple pieces of masking tape. Start at the bottom and work your way up, hiding the masking tape of the previous rows as you go.


On the top row, roll your masking tape so that it’s double-sided and hidden behind the crepe paper.

Set up your camera and snap away at your Cinco de Mayo fiesta! Mr. Lovely and I had fun messing around with this one — the ukulele even came out to play. Have fun, amigos! xoxo




  1. elaine costa on said:

    Easy–takes a lot of pressure off the event prep, but with a smashing result!

  2. I just want to have those rolls…just because! They look so scrumptious! haha. And I love this backdrop, girl…the colors are so fun!

  3. Once again, proving the two of you are the photobooth king and queen. =) Long live fringe!!

  4. This will always be my favorite type of background, we did one for a student fashion show I was a part of! I wish I was having a cinco de mayo party now!!

    – Kelsey @ Time Stand Still

  5. Isabel on said:

    I love that ukulele! So fun! And the backdrop is wonderful!