DIY Gold-Toe Flats

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DIY Gold-Toe Flats
DIY Gold-Toe Flats

While I was in Old Navy recently, looking at some shirts, I came across these rockin’ neon pointy-toed flats. I fell in love with the shape and the color (and the price!), and thought right away that they’d be perfect for a little golden project that I’ve been thinking of for a while now. So I snatched ’em up.

If you want golden toes, too, here’s what you’ll need:

  • plain flats
  • gold leaf
  • ModPodge
  • two craft paintbrushes
  • ScotchBlue Painter’s Tape

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

Start by taping off the area that you’d like to gild (ScotchBlue tape has become my favorite for gold leaf projects — it makes nice, clean borders). Make sure you tape the area where the shoe meets the sole also.

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

Paint a liberal amount of ModPodge on the taped-off area.

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

Gently lay gold leaf over the ModPodge and carefully pat it down using a clean, dry paintbrush.

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

Let dry completely, and carefully peel off the tape. Use the dry paintbrush to brush away any excess gold leaf.

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

You’re ready to step out! I love how these look. It’s probably best to be a little careful with these guys (don’t wear them in the rain or to a monster truck rally or anything crazy like that). But other than that, have a ball making them and wearing them. xoxo

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

DIY Gold-Toe Flats

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  1. I have always loved this project. Maybe I should check out old navy and get some flats.

  2. Hey Chelsea,
    I love the look, did you consider gold spray paint vs. gold leaf? I’d seen some DIY’s go that direction and wondered if you choose gold leaf over paint for a reason – or was it just in your craft pile, and therefore a “free” upgrade to the flats (adorable by the way). – Sara

    1. LOL! I thought the same thing! Is there a difference? Does it work better or is it just that you have tons of it left?

    2. Hey Sara! I did consider gold spray paint when I was planning out the project, but didn’t use it for two reasons. First, I wanted the texture of the gold leaf, which is a little richer than spray paint over faux suede. Also, when it’s used on certain materials, the gold leaf gives off much more shine than paint. I’ve found that when I use spray paint on textiles, the paint sinks into the material and looks more tan and less golden. So for this particular project, I went with the leaf because I wanted some MAJOR gold action. 🙂

  3. Love this!!! I’ve been thinking about doing a bit of gold leaf on a boring leather purse… You’ve inspired me. BTW, I posted a gold leaf on wood DIY on Beautiful Hello Blog yesterday! Ha!

    I guess we’re trending. ; )

  4. Could you Modge Podge over the gold leaf as a coat or maybe some sort of sealer as used in paintings (why can’t I think of what that is called right now?!) for a little more protection? Very cute!

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