Make and Give // DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

Today’s installment of Make and Give literally could not be any simpler. You need two materials and no tools whatsoever, but the result is awesome and it would be a perfect gift for someone who’s celebrating the holidays in a new home or needs a few extra ornaments. Just grab some clear glass ornaments and a few colors of craft paint, and get your swirl on.

Just remove the hanger from the top of the ornament and pour in some paint. Not too much or it may not dry well, but you can always dump some out.

DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

Start swirling the ornament around until the paint makes a pattern that you like. I left some of mine clear; you could also cover the whole ornament and make them solid colors. (I also played with the idea of tossing some glitter in there, which could be an entirely different story!)

DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

Set them to dry overnight without their hangers. In the morning, replace the hangers, package them up, and you’re all set. Make it and give it. xoxo

DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

DIY Paint Swirl Ornaments

  1. Cara on said:

    Oh my goodness, this is AWESOME. I love it!!!

  2. Erica on said:

    I have some metallic gold paint at home. I’m wondering how that will look… hmmmm….

  3. Elaine Costa on said:

    How pretty! What a great idea. Love the turquoise.

    • chelsea on said:

      That’s gorgeous, Tiffany! Love the colors you chose.

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