DIY Polka Dot Luggage Tags



I was going to try to make myself some fancy new luggage tags for all of the traveling that we’ve been doing, but I was recently in the Target dollar aisle and found these beauts:


I mean, come on. I could spend a few hours knocking my head against the wall trying to make and sew a pattern for new luggage tags, or I could get these for a dollar each and paint them. Option B won out. Duh. So if you hurry, I think you can still find these guys at Target! If you grab some, this is maybe the easiest DIY ever.


  • blank luggage tags
  • craft paint
  • paintbrushes
  • washi tape
  • hole punch

Make Time: 20 Minutes

Punch holes in washi tape to create a mask for the polka dots. Stick to the back of the luggage tag and smooth them down to ensure that no paint seeps through.


Paint each of the polka dots and remove the tape before the paint dries.



Set the tags aside for a few minutes while the polka dots dry. When you can touch them without any paint coming off on your fingers, tape a diagonal line across the top of the luggage tag. I chose to put mine at random angles, but you may want to measure more specifically.


Paint a block of color above the tape. Remove the tape before the paint dries.



Allow all paint to dry thoroughly and insert your information in the other side of the luggage tag. Pop these babies on your suitcases and cross your fingers that your luggage doesn’t get lost anyway! Doing any traveling any time soon? I’d love to know where you’re headed! xoxo



  1. Emma on said:

    These are so cute! What a great idea, i may have to do this myself!

  2. This is such a cute idea! And such a steal.. gotta love the Target dollar section!

  3. These are way too adorable! I love Target’s dollar aisle. You can always find good stuff there. Thank you for sharing!


  4. Brittni on said:

    Awesome! I need to make some luggage tags, for sure!

  5. Gracie on said:

    Cute! What a fun idea! :)

  6. Joyce on said:

    These look great!

  7. Emily on said:

    Great idea!! I need to take a trip to the target dollar section. I love it.