We’re Changing Things Up!

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Friends! My lovely, beautiful friends. Coming to you today with a short but sweet update on something new that we’re doing around Lovely Indeed. For years, our newsletter has been sporadic at best and I’ve been struggling with a way to approach it that felt like it was truly of value to you all. Because the last thing in the world I want to do is to add another email to your inbox that has zero value.


We’re launching something new with our newsletter next month, and I want to give you a heads up.

Beginning mid-May, we’re launching an all-new, fresh and beautiful weekly email, set to arrive in your inbox every Wednesday. But what I love about the new “newsletter” idea is that it’s not really going to be a newsletter at all. It’s going to be brand-new content, just like you would find on the blog — but it’ll be exclusive to the people who sign up for our mailing list. So instead of publishing a post on the blog on Wednesdays, it’ll go out via email, like a secret little love letter from me to you.

What kind of content?

We’re going to tailor the topics of the weekly emails to the people who we really feel called to help these days. Female entrepreneurs, mothers, or women who feel like they need an extra boost of self-love. We’ll be practicing positivity, discovering ways to support ourselves and other women, diving into issues and solutions for women entrepreneurs, and providing resources for parents who need a lifeline. If you fall into ANY of those categories, I’m SO EXCITED to serve you up some really wonderful content that will hopefully get you so jazzed on life you can barely contain yourself!

If this sounds like a lovely way to spend a few minutes of your Wednesdays, sign up for our weekly email below. And if you already get our newsletters, you’re all set.

I truly mean it when I say that this new idea has me so refreshed, energized, and excited to serve you. And this is just the beginning. xoxo


Yes, I want in on this!

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