We Need Baby Girl Names!

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Baby Girl Names

This is not a drill, guys. We are stuck for a little girl’s name! We have a few frontrunners but none of them feels right yet. Ryan asked the other day if I had asked you guys for help and I realized I hadn’t! So. Here we are. Please help!

Okay, a few guidelines. Preferably nothing that starts with an H (because of Henry). We’d love a name that’s easy to pronounce and spell, but isn’t the same name that every other little girl has right now (so we’re probably steering clear of the Sophias, Ellas, Emmas, Avas, and the like). I love classic names that can also feel new again. We’re open to something a little off the beaten path, but nothing too crazy. And it’s gotta fit with Foy for a last name.

Help, team! We need ideas!

Oh, and have a beautiful weekend. 🙂 xoxo

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  1. Our daughters’ names are Vivienne Jane and Blythe Julia, and I think we picked some winners. ?

    I’ve always loved Celia or Cecilia.

    Also Marlowe.

    Also Genevieve. And call her Jenna.

    Also Evelyn. And call her Evie.

    Also Margot.

    Also Helena. But that starts with an H.

    Good luck!! I can’t wait to see what you choose! ?

    1. so many amazing suggestions! pretty much love all of these. thank you so much for your help! ?

  2. Congratulations in advance!
    I don’t know why, but the name Miranda came to mind, as do these other 3-syllable names: Natalie, Tabitha, Naomi, and Amelia (the last one is my mother’s name, and she has a brother named Henry). 🙂
    Best wishes to you!

    1. thank you! i’m loving Agatha and Iris, just what we’re going for — classic names that can also feel new again. ?

      1. I originally like Amy or Jessica, but when my husband came up with Annabelle I knew right away that was going to be her name! She is 6 now and I really think her name fits her perfectly. Also, we call her Annabelle. Some people thought we would shorten it to Belle or something, but that didn’t feel right. Congrats and good luck picking the name–I see a bunch of really good ones.

  3. Uhh, isn’t naming people so hard! We’re having a girl too and totally struggling with names. I like Vina, Nova, Genevieve, Nora, Lola … I think the hubs vetoes all of those. LoL. Going to be trolling these comments for ideas! I’ve only got 4 weeks left to decide! Ha!

  4. Baby names are so much fun and sooo hard! My husband laughed because I wouldn’t commit to a name until I say his little face. What if he didn’t look like the name we had picked?! A couple suggestions for you: Lucy and Bellamy. Also, if you change your mind on the H requirement I like Hannah. 🙂

  5. Ooh! Aren’t names the most fun and the most frustrating at the same time!? We have our frontrunners chosen, but here are a few from my list:

    Peri <- full disclosure, this is our Dog's name, but we are kind of regretting the fact that we can't use it again 🙂

  6. I love that someone else has suggested Iris because i was compelled to comment with the same name, easy to spell and goes beautifully with your surname (also the same name as my 92 year old granny so might bring similar longevity?)

  7. We just named our daughter Parker. I definitely feel the need to tell people she’s a girl if it’s not obvious by her clothes, but I love the name!
    I also love the name Ingrid for something a bit more feminine.

    1. My 16 month old daughter still doesn’t have much hair and I’m not intense about pink so she gets called a boy all the time. And when they ask her name? “…Charlie” {Charlie Mae}

  8. Nina! That was our pick if we had a girl. I also love Hannah, but I know it doesn’t meet your requirements.

  9. Congratulations Miss Costa. Hehe. You used to be my choir director and now I have a choir of my own, but thats beside the point.

    I always loved the names Audrey, Clara, or Kittie. My grandmother’s name is Kittie and I just adore it.
    Congrats again.

  10. The first name that comes to mind is “Rylee”, probably because I thought ((Ry))an + Chels((ea)) would kind of lead to Rylee, lol. I don’t know. Not even sure if it’s trendy, our of the ordinary, or classic. It was just the first name that came to mind. As for us, we couldn’t come up with a name for our first born (a boy) for a while. We had already picked out a girl’s name -Alexis – but when we found out it was a boy, we started all over again. Needless to say, when we were pregnant with #2 and found out it was a girl, we already had a name picked out!

  11. I’ve loved Isla as a name. Like Isla Fischer the actress. It’s simple and not too common.

    Good luck choosing!

  12. I can’t believe no one said Sylvia! I think Sylvia Foy sound dreamy. “This is Henry and Sylvia” ….yes.
    Anything with 3 syllables is going to be magic.

    Let’s try the Deep Trouble Test….

    All good.

  13. What about Lindsey. Or maybe Henry and Mary or a nickname of Mary like Molly or Polly Etc. Or Sarah.

  14. Amelia, Scarlett, and Camila . Those are the three contenders for the imaginary child I have built in my future! I’m really big on classic names … my husband is more “let’s name our kid after my favorite band or TV character”. We’ve also noticed we only have girls names… I think that may be saying something. I tried to spin Wyatt… he follows up with earp and vetos me.

  15. My daughter is named Felicity Ryan. Her nickname is Lissie. Most people think it comes from the American Girl doll collection but actually I was hooked on the show when we were in high school/college and have always loved the name 🙂

    Best of luck choosing!

  16. Some of my favorite girl names are: Rilo, Neko, Orla, and Vera. We’re currently focused on boy names (I’m due in Jan) so I completely understand the dilemma 🙂 Good luck!

  17. Am I the only one who thought it was adorable that your husband suggested you ask your readers for help? Piper, Cornelia, Audrey, Kennedy? Congratulations and good luck!

  18. how beautiful, a little girl… i have two girls called Lana Sky and Ruby Sue…
    i also like Ella, Lani, Nalin, Sacha or Sam! all the best for you and your little one…
    love from
    switzerland pascale

  19. My name has ALWAYS been unique and I’ve only ever met an old lady at Cracker Barrel who had the same name! You won’t be able to buy the pre-personalized keychains and pens but I never minded. How about: Ivy

  20. Just remembered another great one – Eloise! Lots of nickname potential as well (which I always think is a nice thing) Ellie/Elle/Lottie/Lulu etc.

  21. I have three girls and chose very common names which they hate. Here I thought I was doing them a favor. Right now I love the names Amelia, Ruby, Lex, Claire , Asia, Nora Emma, can’t wait to see what you decide!

  22. My middle name is Laine because my aunts name is Elaine. I love Laine or lane for a girl! Also because, Gilmore girls.

  23. (apologies if there are dupes—I skimmed *most* of the other posts…)

    Hazel (Only H name I’ll include, I swear!)
    Isabel or Isabella
    Matilda (Mattie, Tillie, Mat)
    Lucy or Lucinda
    Amelia or Emelia

  24. I wanted Alessandra Lizette (kind of like my name, Lizette Alejandra) but husband didn’t like it so we went with Kacey Lynn. I also like Riley, Carissa, Isabella, Avery and Charlotte. But all the posts have such good suggestions so good luck picking. 🙂 And congrats! Little girls are the BEST!!!

    1. Agreed – I immediately thought of Elizabeth! It’s a classic, and there are so many ways to adapt it as they grow. (You know, so you don’t have to make up your mind right away!)

  25. I’m loving the name Claire right now, and it doesn’t pair awkwardly with your last name (and has the benefit of being easy to remember/spell) ? Good luck! Can’t wait to find out what you choose. 🙂

  26. My first suggestion has been mentioned a few times already but I love Amelia, It can be shortened in to a few different versions; Milly , Millie, Meyah or Mia. Others ones that I consider to be classic but just a little different are ; Alise, Anita, Gwen and Olive, These names aren’t common where I live but I’m from down Under so may be different in the States

  27. Have you considered doing the southern thing and giving her a double name? (Where you call her by both names, as one?) some parent choose to give them a third middle name, or not. I am crushing hard on double names right now.

    Alice Jane
    Anna Claire
    Anna Kate
    Lily Kate
    Mary Margaret
    Emma Jane
    Celia Ann
    Mary Louise
    Nelle Harper
    Ellie June
    Emie Lou
    Alex Jane


    Single names:

    Posey (I have heard some people use this as a nickname for Josephine)
    Penelope (Penny Foy! I think that’s adorable)
    Scout (we almost named lily this, to this day, it is one of her nicknames)

  28. When you mentioned H names to go with Henry, my first thought was Hadley. Classic, but can feel new again. Also:

    Adelind (my daughter’s name)
    Anna Kate
    Catherine (or Katherine)

    I can’t wait to see what you decide on!

  29. I love these names! (sorry for the long list!)

    Fiona Foy

    Piper Foy

    Tamblyn Foy

    Winter Foy

    Hazel Foy

    Louise Foy

    Kit Foy

    Mae Foy

    Naomi Foy

    Karina Foy

    Verna Foy

    Kylie Foy

    Hadley Foy

    Lucy Foy

    Luna Foy

    Athena Foy

    Phoebe Foy

    Kira Foy

    Willow Foy

    Eve Foy

  30. I always wanted to use the name Vivian for a girl had we been able to have children. Olivia also could be a beautiful name, and would have a family connection.

  31. I love this popularity prediction table by TIME: http://time.com/93911/baby-name-predictor/

    You’re bound to have already done it, but just in case you haven’t, check the meaning of the names on your shortlist. Finding out one means “crooked nose’ might bump it from your list.

    Alina Foy (Greek, means light)
    Bridie Foy (Celtic, means strength)
    Violet Foy (English, means happy)
    Mabel Foy (French, means fair, lovely)
    Lana Foy (Polynesian/ Hawaiian, means afloat, calm as still waters)

  32. Gracie

    Chelsea, Henry is so handsome. Can not wait to see your baby daughter. Say hello to Audrey for me..

  33. This is my running list of girl names:
    Louise (Lulu)

  34. I’m a little late to the game but two of my faves are Olivia and Mallory. Best of luck with choosing a name. You can always do what I did, which was wait until I met my son before we decided on a name and even then it took us a couple days before we were certain 😉

  35. My daughter’s name is Violet Marie …. and my friend just had a daughter and named her Danica Rose

  36. I just landed on your blog for the very first time (and it’s way past my bedtime, but I am being sucked in!!!) I happen to have “nameologist” on my future career list so I can’t resist contributing here – I have four kiddos myself and my hubby jokes that I keep wanting more just to use all the clever names on my list! (I think we are onto pets now though!) Anyhow… I happen to love an unusual, but REAL name to – what do you think of these?
    ~Arden (my youngest daughter… old fashion & still beautiful!)
    ~Greer (my first baby girl’s name… popular actress in 1940s – I still ADORE this name!)
    ~Eloise (I think I saw this in the feed above, but it sure is cute!)

    Good luck!!! And, thanks for letting us chime in on such a big decision! 🙂

  37. Im loving the name Elowen. So I just came across it once and totally fell in love. My husband has a name his mother made up and keeps talking like I will have to make up a name for our kids for him to even consider it. I don’t share this lightly, lol.