The Ultimate Baby Registry List

Ultimate Baby Registry List

At this point, I’ve helped about five new mama friends figure out what exactly to put on their registry. And each time, the list gets a little more refined as I add the things that we have used with Henry and Maggie. The last mom I helped told me I should share the list on my blog, so… TA DAAAA! I present to you the Ultimate Baby Registry List. This is literally every single thing we’ve ever used with our kids (minus toys and books, but there’s another post coming on that). This thing is broken down by category, annotated, and linked within an inch of its life. And it’s all for you, my dears, so that if any of you is an expectant parent you can at least remove the stress of registering from your list of things to think about.

A few things: Anything with a link is to the specific product we have used. Some things are marked with an asterisk — those are things that you’ll probably use down the line, when baby is a little older. And if you have any questions please leave a comment! Have fun, mamas! (Please note that some links are affiliate.) xoxo

Diapers We use Pampers.
Wipes We use Costco brand or Pampers.
Desitin My kids use the Max Strength one because they get rashes that are tough sometimes. Also, I know some people swear by Boudreaux’s Butt Paste but I’ve never used it.
Changing Table/Dresser Both our kids use IKEA dressers as their changing tables.
Changing Pad
Changing Pad Covers I like to have at least two on hand, and I like the plush ones. Feels a little more cozy for baby.
Diaper Pail
Diaper Pail Refills
*Diaper Booster Pads If you have a boy, when they get older they wet the bed a LOT. These are like extra padding for diapers, they catch more liquid overnight.

Infant Tub
Hooded Baby Towels
Shampoo/Body Wash
Baby Washcloths
*Toothbrush For infants and toddlers.
*Bath Spout Cover
*Bath Kneeler

Bottles We used Dr. Brown’s with Henry and Munchkin LATCH with Maggie; both worked well for us.
Bottle Brushes
Formula Don’t know a thing about it. But a friend who formula feeds would always have a Brita pitcher of water on her counter so she always had room-temp, filtered water ready to make a bottle.
Steam Sterlizing Bags
Drying Rack
Drying Rack Hanger
Infant Pacifiers (Get age-appropriate ones as baby grows if he still needs them.)
Burp Cloths You could also just use a soft washcloth or kitchen towel.
Bibs Also these when baby starts solids. And these for a drooly kid.
*High Chair We wanted something really minimal so we went with the Antliop from IKEA. They’re in high demand so if you like it and see one in the store, snatch it up. They sell for $20 in store and like $70 on Amazon. It’s dumb. But there are also lots of other great high chairs out there.
*Booster Seat The one we used and loved was discontinued, but something in this general idea should work. We don’t use the tray and just scoot Henry into the table so he can sit with us.
*Plates These when baby is still young enough to pick up a plate and throw it. And these when they grow out of that.
*Bowls  Same with these and these.
*Baby Spoons  We tried a zillion and these are the easiest shape for baby’s mouth.
*Cups  Again, we tried them all. Suffice it to say these were the easiest transition from bottle to cup for us. You’ll probably need some others too.
*BEABA Babycook  Only if you plan on making your own baby food. We did and I liked it, but it’s not for everyone.
*Food Portion Containers Same as above.

Crib Mattress Get a midrange one, they don’t need anything super fancy. Firm is best for baby’s safety.
Fitted Waterproof Mattress Pad You’ll need two.
Crib Sheets
White Noise Machine or Sleep Sheep Maggie likes the machine, Henry liked the sheep. You be the judge. 😉
Swaddle Blankets The Aden + Anais blankets ones are the only ones that stay on.
Withings Video Baby Monitor
Swaddle Sacks Major help with sleep, from day one.
Rocker If you want one in the nursery. Henry has this one and Maggie has this one. Henry’s does not recline and there were definitely nights when I wished it did. But on the flip side, the fact that it didn’t encouraged us to get Henry in his crib and get ourselves back to our own bed to sleep. I’ve slept in the recliner in Maggie’s room maybe 5 times total. Ryan has used it more.
*Sleep Sacks  For when baby doesn’t want to be swaddled any more, probably around 3-4 months. Get the right weight (cotton vs. fleece) and size for baby and weather.

Somewhere to sleep/set him down Both our kids slept in a cosleeper or a bassinet by our bed for the first 8 weeks. You might also just get something like a swing for the first few weeks – it really helps sleep and it’s a place to set baby down when you need your hands free. Get the one that rocks itself. Initially we had the mamaRoo which was all the rage a couple of years back. Henry loved it for about a month. Maggie was never a fan.
Portable Bouncy Chair  Doesn’t really matter which one, but something like this so baby can play and you can carry it with you from room to room.
Play Mat/Gym  Same here. Just something where they can lay down. My sister’s kids and our kids all used this one (it’s like a family heirloom now, haha!). At first I wanted to fight for something prettier. I will say this though: at first we fought to get the pretty and minimal baby stuff, but the kids just don’t respond as well as they do to the colorful ugly stuff. It’s a shame. Ha!
*Play Table
*Bumbo Chair or similar. Just somewhere they can practice sitting.
*Toys and books! This is the fun part. They don’t really need much when they’re teeny tiny but after a month or two they’ll need something to start learning with. I love the Babylit Books for tiny babies. For toys, you can’t go wrong with Sophie and mini Sophie, link rings, and crinkle books. We also have a whole post coming on our favorite non-ugly baby toys.

Saline Solution
Infant Tylenol
Infant Grooming Kit
Cool Mist Humidifier
Forehead Thermometer
*Outlet Plugs
*Any safety gates your house might need.
*Cabinet Latches

Onesies Probably newborn size, perhaps size 0-3 if it’s a bigger baby. Follow our baby shower onesie decorating tutorial to make a whole bunch of really cute onesies that you’ll actually want your baby to wear!
Jammies Maybe only if it’s cold at night. Maggie slept in her onesies for the first month. If you get jammies, be sure they’re zippers and not snaps for easy middle-of-the-night diaper changes.
Regarding registering for baby clothes: This is the one area where people will really take liberty and buy what they want. It’s smart to have a few key items registered and otherwise just see what pans out as people bring baby gifts. As long as you have a few onesies and some playsuits, you should be good for a few weeks at least (if you don’t live in a place with extreme weather).

Bucket Carseat Stroller adapter is also nice to have.
Stroller and Accessories I love the Nuna MIXX, but you can’t really put a kid in it until they’re a couple months old. They’re too floppy. So we just used our carseat with a stroller attachment until the kid was big enough for the Nuna. Also, it’s nice to have a little umbrella stroller for quick and easy car trips.
Carseat Cover This one doubles as a nursing cover and I’ve used it a zillion times.
Car Window Shades
Car Seat Mat
Solly Baby Wrap  
If you plan on wearing the baby.
Beco Gemini Carrier Same as above, this one is more structured and can hold older babies.
Diaper Bag Fawn Design’s diaper bagWith Henry I just used my purse. But with two kids I started wearing and LOVE IT. I get so many comments on it, and it’s super handy and comfortable to wear.

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  1. One of my favorite gifts (for breast feeding moms) is a Milkies Milk Saver. It’s a silicon pouch you put in your bra on the non-nursing side and it collects extra milk. No mess, less pumping! I stored up bags and bags of milk while my body was getting used to regulating the milk flow. I’ve gifted one to friends already. Milkies Milk-Saver Breast Milk Collector Storage

  2. Frida Baby makes two products that are LIFESAVERS not on this list: first off, their nail clippers are by far the best baby nail clippers out there. Second, they make this product that helps the baby pass gas/poo which is literally a godsend in the middle of the night when your infant is crying from tummy pains. You can buy them in a bundle pack here with the Nose Frida —->

  3. i do not have kids yet BUT i’d like to think that if i ever did, ikea would be the way to go!

    thanks for adding their crib on the list because that’s the exact one i was thinking about.
    theres no need to go over priced on it when its only for a couple of years.
    and ikea gets a bad rap. its a pretty good brand when you build it right.
    care for it correctly and it can last you a long time!