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Travel Guide to Sayulita

Sayulita is a magical place, filled with colors, sights, tastes, and sounds that you’ll never forget. Read our favorite recommendations for this wonderful town in Riviera Nayarit.

Sayulita Heart Walkway
Sayulita Papel Picado Flags
Sayulita Succulent
Sayulita Stairs
Sayulita Pompoms

I found another favorite place, guys, and it’s Sayulita. We spent some time there during our trip to Puerto Vallarta and I fell totally and completely in love with this magical little town! We’re already planning a trip back. But in the meantime, I had to share some of our favorite spots in a travel guide to Sayulita, so you’ll be sure not to miss them if you ever find yourself there. Read on for lots of pretty color and our best tips! xoxo

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Get In and Around

Sayulita is about an hour drive north of Puerto Vallarta. You can fly into PV and catch a bus to get you there; we rented a car because we had the little ones and it was just easier. Once you’re in Sayulita, if your crew is game you can pretty much walk everywhere. There are little cobblestone streets and alleyways that you can explore pretty easily on foot. If you’re traveling with people who aren’t willing to hoof it, you can rent golf carts in the main square.


Everybody loves the heart walkway, right?! I can personally attest that the rest of the Petit Hotel Hafa is equally cool. If you’re not staying there, you can stop by and explore anyway. Take the stairs up to see the walkway, and all the way to the top for the roof deck. (Just a note: they do have AC here but it costs extra nightly!) There are also a whole slew of really great airbnb spots in and around Sayulita, lots of them with beautiful views of the ocean so you can check out the surfers. They do also have the whole all-inclusive resort thing available, but we didn’t really check those out. Sayulita is a spot where I would definitely want to have a more “local” experience.

Sayulita Heart Walkway
Sayulita Family


So. Much. Good. Food. For such a little spot, it’s jam packed with all kinds of different places to eat — and plenty of them are quite kid-friendly.

For a quick breakfast or a really fun snack, hit up Chocobanana. You can sit and enjoy or grab something to go from the outside counter. Henry was particularly fond of his frozen banana dipped in chocolate and covered with rainbow sprinkles. So was I.

If you’re into bowls and need a break from the taco stands, make your way over to Organi-K. They have beautiful smoothie bowls in the mornings and poke bowls for lunch.

La Rustica is a pretty little spot to grab some pizza or pasta and take a load off.

For some legit Mexican food in a very kid-friendly place, try Mary’s. Sit on the street and people watch while you get the fish tacos.

Cocktails on the beach? Yes please! Drinks and tapas at El Patio is perfect for watching the surfers out on the waves. Then around the corner grab a popsicle at Paletas La Reinita.

Sayulita Chocobanana

Shop and Do

There were lots of people out on the beaches, but Sayulita is really known for surfing. There were some really great waves coming in and it was so fun to watch the local kids show off for the tourists. If you decide to set up camp for a beach day, rent an umbrella from one of the guys wandering up and down the sand.

I was also so surprised at the number of really great boutiques! This is a shopping town. Be sure to stop by Evoke the Spirit — so many beautiful handmade tapestries, ceramics, and more. Revolucion del Sueño is another great little spot, packed with loads of color and fun finds. Aside from that, you’ll be stopped dead in your tracks by the rows and rows AND ROWS of pompoms in the street markets. No kidding, I spent the entirety of our souvenir money on all of the woven goodies. There are embroidered pompom hearts, pompom garlands, pompom alphabets, pompom tassels, and it goes on and on.

Beyond that, just wander around! It’s such a magical little town and there is something interesting to find around every corner. If you’re a shutterbug, be sure to bring memory cards, all your favorite lenses, and your camera gear, because I guarantee you’ll find so many great subjects to snap. There’s color and texture everywhere, and it’s all too good to be true.

Sayulita Surfers
Sayulita Surf Shop
Sayulita Woven Hanging
Sayulita Street Market

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5 thoughts on “Travel Guide to Sayulita

  1. Goodness, could you guys be any cuter? 🙂 Haha, aside from the adorable family photos, this looks like a really awesome place to visit! I love a good vacation spot where you can just hang out and eat good food. 😉

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