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All the bittersweet feels today as we come to the last post in our Think Like a Boss series! I’ve loved chatting with these incredible female entrepreneurs so much, and I hope that this series has brought you some inspiration, insight, and clarity if you’re working toward your business goals. For our final post, I thought it would be cool to talk a little about balance. There are so many outside influences right now telling us all to “crush it” and “hustle” and all of that. But at the end of the day, it’s not so simple. There are real lives and real people to attend to in those lives, and it can’t always be only about the hustle. So I asked our ladies…


Joy Cho, Founder + Creative Director of Oh, Joy!
…I have made someone else’s life better and happier.

Amber Kemp-Gerstel, Founder of Damask Love + Finalist on NBC’s Making It Season 1
…I’ve completed my to-do list. Fed myself and my family at least one meal that came from a plant…rather than a meal that was made in a plant.

Erin Loechner, Founder of Design for Mankind + Other Goose
…I gave more than I took.

Ann Shen, Illustrator + Bestselling Author of Bad Girls Throughout History + Legendary Ladies
…I’ve delivered anything that had a deadline that day, and I’ve responded to or made progress on everything else. As long as no one is waiting on me for anything, or they know when to expect it if not today.

Brittany Jepsen, Founder of The House that Lars Built + Author of Craft the Rainbow
…My bills are paid on time and my laundry is washed. BORING!!!!! But feels GOOD!

Chelsea Foy (That’s Me!), Founder + Creative Director of Lovely Indeed
…I’ve checked a few things off my to-do list, and my family is happy + together.


And we want to hear from YOU — what makes you feel accomplished at the end of the day? I think it’s so perfect that MOST of these answers have nothing to do with business. There are so many more facets to life, and a thriving business does take work but not at the expense of feeling like a whole person. I’d love to hear your insights on this one! xoxo

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