These Little Moments

This photo.

It was an unremarkable morning. It was a Sunday. The kids woke up early, and I was trying to get them out of the house to let Ryan sleep. We didn’t have any breakfast food. So we walked to the grocery store.

I say we walked, but really Henry strapped on his helmet and rode his scooter, while I pushed Maggie in her little blue car. On the way, Henry insisted we stop and smell some wildflowers. At the market, he chose eggs and bagels with cream cheese. So that’s what we got. On the way back, I let him go fast and told him to stop and wait for me at every block. He did.

I had gotten an iced chai latte at the market and somehow they pried it out of my hands as they sat down on a bench to take a rest. That’s when I snapped this photo. It was Maggie’s first sip of chai and she was totally enchanted. They both were.

It was an unremarkable morning. But I remember every single detail and somehow I think I will for a long, long time. That’s the thing about being a mom. These little moments that are nothing somehow turn into your everything.

Have a beautiful weekend, all. xoxo

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