The Ten Best and Worst Things about Being Married

Being married

I had this idea for a post, sat down, and wrote it out the lists below in about 3 minutes. No joke. I guess it was ready to roll off my fingertips! Ryan and I were talking the other day about the best and worst things about being married, and I thought it was totally worth sharing. Turns out that our worst things are actually the best things in disguise. (Or sometimes they’re the exact same thing and your mood alters how you see them.) Marriage is fun, marriage is hard, marriage is an insane ride. So if you need a pick-me-up or a little laugh, read on for the ten best and worst things about being married. (Love you, honey!) xoxo

There’s always somebody there.
You split the chores.
Love. And all that stuff.
Adventuring together.
Sharing a space you create together.
Rooting for each other.
Having someone you can be yourself with.
Finding out who that self is.
Someone who will give you an honest opinion.

There’s always somebody there.
When the chores don’t get done to your satisfaction.
You love the dude but sometimes you just want to sit and be quiet and not talk thankyouverymuch.
Those tiny moments when you’re like, “Whyyyyy did we have kids?!”
The footloose and fancy free days are mostly behind you.
When the space you share feels juuuuust a little too small.
Criticism that’s not exactly constructive.
Those times when the dude is a little too much himself. Like, let’s hang on to some of the mystery, okay?
Realizing you’re turning into the other one.
Someone who will give you an honest opinion.


11 thoughts on “The Ten Best and Worst Things about Being Married”

  1. thanks for: “Whyyyyy did we have kids?!”
    im not yet a mother but i know that ish is hard.
    and i feel like parents dont always own up to how hard it is and how sometimes you do think that!
    i feel like they need to be more honest about that.

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