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Stocking the Nursery

Stocking the Nursery

It’s happening! Moving boxes are unpacked and now comes the fun part, of deciding where everything goes and getting decorated. I wanted to tackle the nursery first because I’d love to have it settled long before baby makes his entrance. It’s coming along, and while we’re decorating the room we’re also stocking it with diapers, wipes, and all of those other parent-type products that you have to decide on for your little one! They’re things I never thought about before, but have been realizing are so important.

We knew right off the bat that we wanted to choose products that were gentle, easy on baby, and had as few additives or chemicals as possible. Enter The Honest Company. Honest has a whole gang of products for babies and parents alike, and they’re all made with a focus on eco-friendliness, sustainability, and the health and well being of our little kiddo. We like that.

Stocking the Nursery

Wait ’til you see the reveal of the dresser that Ryan refinished for the nursery! We couldn’t find exactly what we wanted, so we did a little DIY hacking. After we got it set up, I stocked it with diapers and wipes, and am starting to get all the blankies and clothes put away, too. The Honest diapers are so cute you almost wanna show ’em off; each season there’s a new set of prints, everything from giraffes to skulls to geometric patterns. Ah-dorable.  I know a ton of moms who order the diaper and wipes bundle to be delivered every month and just swear by it. Can’t wait to try them out on the little dude.

Stocking the Nursery

Stocking the Nursery

Hand sanitizer goes in the diaper drawer and diaper bag, too — my sister did this and I remember thinking it was so smart when I was babysitting and changing my niece’s diapers all the time.

I left a little shelf in the bathroom for baby’s supplies and bath toys. It’s so funny that he gets his own shelves now! The Honest shampoo & body wash is tear-free and gentle enough for babies but good for the whole family. And I’d be lying if I said I hadn’t already started using the body lotion. Sorry, kid. Mom needs soft skin too. Semi-related: how cute are baby bath robes?! I can’t stand it.

Stocking the Nursery

And, totally embarrassing: I was completely terrified to wash my first load of baby clothes! I don’t know why, I guess I thought they would disintegrate because they’re so tiny? But I used the Honest detergent on all of our new baby clothes, blankies, and bedding and they look amazing. Also, I am just dying to see my kid wear that moonstache shirt.

Stocking the Nursery

Stocking the Nursery

Whether you have a baby or not, you can sign up to receive some free trials of their goodies and test them out. Create an account here and test away. I’m learning that choosing products for the little guy feels like our first steps in parenting decisions. Big thanks to the Honest team for giving us a little peace of mind about giving baby a healthy start. And stay tuned for more peeks at the nursery! xoxo

This post is sponsored by The Honest Company. All opinions are mine. Thank you for being supportive of the sponsors who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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8 thoughts on “Stocking the Nursery

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  2. I haven’t figured out what route I’m taking with diapering yet, but I was gifted a bunch of Honest Co. diapers and soap and lotion at my shower. The patterns are pretty cute and the bottles of stuff smell so good!

  3. What cute diapers! I didn’t know about this company. Can’t wait to see the rest of your nursery!!!

  4. I am STILL so bummed that I couldn’t make your shower! I have gifties for you guys — one of which is a “gift certificate” for 50 hours of babysitting. Not that you don’t already have a slew of Lovely Baby Sitters already volunteering (including your fabulous fam) 🙂

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