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Printable Art for Your Home

Get your copy of my upcoming book, The Happy Home: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home that Brings you Joy! Read on to learn more about the book and to get the special pre-order bonus.

The Happy Home book

The Happy Home

Thank you for all of your support and excitement about my upcoming book!

The Happy Home: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Home that Brings You Joy was an absolute adventure to write (in a good way!). One of my friends said that it’s the place where feelings and design meet — and she was exactly right.

But what I love about it most is that, unlike lots of other home books, it approaches the way we think about our homes and spaces from a lens of how our spaces make us feel, and how they can support us.

I wanted to create a guide that can help you make your home feel comfortable yet energized, calm yet uplifting, and like a perfect expression of yourself.

The Happy Home book

Learn more about The Happy Home

The Happy Home book has six gorgeous chapters, each filled with projects, ideas, thought starters, and DIYs to help you create a home that feels just like you. It’s meant to help you make your space a true reflection of yourself — your likes, your habits, and your needs.

Each chapter focuses on a specific feeling or vibe: Energize, Uplift, Comfort, Calm, Empower, and Express. The ideas and projects within each chapter will help you achieve those feelings in your home, tailored to you as a beautiful individual.

One thing I particularly love is that the book is designed so that you can journal your way through it. Each chapter begins with questions and thought starters to help you think about your space in a very specific an intentional way.

If you’ve been around for a while, you know that I don’t think there’s any one right way to arrange or design your space. We all have different needs, personalities, and preferences. Your home should reflect that, and this is what The Happy Home is all about.

The Happy Home book
The Happy Home book

Get a NEW Pre-Order bonus!

To celebrate launch month, I have a brand new pre-order bonus for you!

Art has the power to make a space feel brand new, and to help you express yourself. So to celebrate the launch, I made a piece of printable art that’s exclusively available to the people who pre-order The Happy Home!

This hand-drawn art is a complement to our previous pre-order gift (did you get your Desktop Organizers here?). You can print it out at home and you’ll have a brand new piece of art to display at home!

I framed ours in a matted frame from a local thrift store — a trick that I love for finding affordable frames. Highly recommend.

The art prints at 8×10″, so it will fit any standard 8×10″ frame you’ve got. You could also skip the frame and use some pretty washi tape to tape it up.

I think it would love beautiful in a nursery, a bathroom, a bedroom — just about anywhere.

I’m sharing this free download with anybody who pre-orders The Happy Home between now and April 24! Just purchase the book and email an image of your receipt to [email protected] to get your bundle, along with easy-install instructions.

Thank you again for all of your support, and don’t forget to pre-order! xoxo

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