My Pregnancy Must-Haves

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Pregnancy Must Haves

I have to tell you, I’ve been so grateful for your support and enthusiasm and general radness when it comes to all of the baby stuff I’ve been sharing here on the ol’ blog. I know that not all of you are parents and perhaps the baby stuff doesn’t really interest you, but I’ve always tried to share here about what’s going on in my life, and let’s be real — a pregnancy and babies are pretty all-consuming. So thank you for coming along on the ride.

For those of you who are parents, or planning on being parents someday, or maybe are expecting right now, I thought I’d try to repay your kindness and share a few things that really came in handy throughout that crazy, twisty-turny, uncharted, swollen, pregnant territory. These were my pregnancy go-tos, whether it was for the entire nine months or just a few crucial weeks.

Working Out
Hands down, the best thing I did for myself throughout my pregnancy was to stay true to my gym schedule. Right off the bat in the first trimester I noticed that I had to slow my pace a bit during my usual workouts, but every day that I made it to the gym I felt better.

Chimes Original Ginger ChewsIn the beginning I had all-day sickness. Just kind of a pervading queasiness that never left. Kelly recommended ginger chews and they made a world of difference. I’d take little bites of one of these over an hour or so and it helped a bunch.

Bringing Up BébéI might have talked about it here before, but it’s definitely my favorite baby book. It’s not the book to read if you’re looking for specific tips and tricks, but overall it was the only book that made me feel less nervous about parenting.

Trader Joe’s Prenatal Vitamins
Truly, the only vitamins I tried that didn’t make me nauseous. Take them at night before you go to bed if you’re extra sensitive.

Ovia Pregnancy App
Yes, there’s an app for that. I was obsessed with checking this app in the beginning and still use it to this day. It’s got updates on how your baby is growing and what it’s doing, symptom lookups, a food safety list, a calendar where you can track your stats, and a whole bunch more.

Bump Nest
The best pillow in all the land. If you’re expecting, treat yourself to one. It really has helped me get better sleep.

Crystal Light Lemonade SticksSome of YOU lovelies actually suggested these after I complained how tired I was of plain water, and they’ve been lifesavers! Especially during the extra-long summer California has been having.

Ben & Jerry’s Americone Dream
No matter what anyone says, I will always believe that a little Ben & Jerry every evening helped settle my stomach. And yes, it had to be this flavor.

Mossimo Black Leggings
They’re cheap, they’re stretchy, and you don’t have to buy them in maternity sizes — just maybe go a size up if you even need it, and wear the waistband under your tummy.

If you’re expecting or are a parent, I’d love for you to share some of your must-haves! Let’s build a master list for all the beautiful mamas out there. xoxo


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  1. Have yet to find Mossimo Black Leggings. I swear – every time I go to Target they are fresh out of maternity gear. But I will agree with leggings. FINALLY bought a few pair 2 weeks ago (22 weeks pregnant at the time) and am literally living in them. Pair with a shirt, sweater, skirt, boots, anything. So cute and comfy!

    And…just purchased Bringing Up Bebe!

  2. oh great list! The pillow is so needed, right? I’ll have to try that app too…ha, I took the chewable pre-natals. Not because of any nausea, but because they are all so dang big, I would gag because of the sheer size of them!

  3. I am 23 weeks pregnant and still hitting the gym 2-3 times a week. I am so glad I am still going, it makes me feel more normal! Thank you for sharing your list. Will keep the leggings in mind for sure!

  4. 34+ weeks with a baby boy here. Mossimo leggings are the bomb, as well as keds – I can wear them to work with a little black dress and still look like a trendy lady and not kill my feet at the same time. I try to take a walk and do some stretches every day. If I miss a few days I can feel it. Love bringing up bebe as well! Also, snacks snacks snacks (and water!). I can’t go anywhere without a bag of almonds or a granola bar or I turn into a devil woman if I get hungry. 🙂 Also, I love hearing about your experience and seeing a few pics of your baby boy – it makes my upcoming delivery feel so much more real and precious!

  5. And finally I can comment on this, as we announced my pregnancy last week! 😀

    I was so nauseous all the time, my OB-GYN prescribed me Unisom. It’s a sleeping aid and I take 1/2 tablet every night. It made the first trimester so bearable!
    Tonight I will take my last one, I’m afraid to stop but I want to know if I’m still nauseous 😉
    Unisom is an over the counter sleep aid and the main ingredient doxylamine helps with nausea. I was hesitant first to take it but I googled it and it’s totally safe to take.

    Thanks for all your other tips Chelsea! I don’t need a pillow yet (14 weeks now) but I will definitely look into that book!
    Kisses & hugs to you and little Henry!