Painting Color-Blocked Walls in Maggie’s Room (With AAFA Certified Paint!)

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Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

Maggie’s been living in this sweet little room for two and a half years now, and even when we redecorated with her big kid bed, it still felt unfinished to me. I finally realized it was because we never painted over the pale blue wall that was there from when it was Henry’s room, so when True Value reached out about their EasyCare Paint, I took it as destiny. 😉 The room just felt like it wanted a fresh white coat over that wall, and a little something extra that was just for Mags. So we started daydreaming and came up with this fun colorblocking idea!

I got even more excited about EasyCare Paint when I did some research and realized that part of what makes it so awesome is that it’s low-odor, low-VOC and 100% acrylic. I had been holding off on painting because Maggie has a bit of asthma and I was hesitant to fill her room with fumes. But EasyCare Paint is certified by the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) because it minimizes irritants in the air from the paint, making it healthier for everybody. Truly, we painted one Saturday morning, left one window open in her room, and by Saturday night there was no smell whatsoever. My experience with paint is that usually it takes days to stop smelling, even with all of the windows open.

In case you need a little reminder, here’s Maggie’s room before (with the blue wall):

How We Transitioned our Kids to Big Kid Beds

How We Transitioned our Kids to Big Kid Beds

We definitely wanted something to complement her flamingo wallpaper, so I combed through the EasyCare Paint chips at my local True Value store and found Glee, the prettiest peachy-pink shade. (When I painted on the first stroke Maggie said, “I love dat, Mommy!” Melt my heart.) We also used Apple Blossom to cover the blue wall; both in the Satin Interior sheen. EasyCare Paint has been really great so far for wiping little handprints off of as well because it’s durable and scrubbable. 🙂

But let’s get to this color-blocking tutorial! There’s a little paint secret that we used to make sure our bottom border line was razor-sharp, so check out the tutorial if you want to give it a try.

How to Paint Color-blocked Walls


  • EasyCare Paint
  • paintbrushes
  • painter’s tape
  • roller and roller tray
  • yardstick
  • pencil

Step 1: We started by painting white over the blue wall to create a clean, blank canvas on the walls we were painting. I like to use a thin, angled brush to cut in on the corners and get in tight areas like molding, etc.

Hand painting white paint on wall

Step 2: To start creating your color-block, decide how wide you’d like to to be. We wanted ours to come right down from the ceiling. Hold the yardstick to the ceiling, flat against the wall, and place a light pencil mark where you’d like it to stop (ours is 24 inches). Make a pencil mark every foot or so, all the way around the room.

Step 3: Place a line of painter’s tape around the room, with the top edge of the tape right on your pencil marks. Stand back every so often so make sure your tape is level. Press and smooth the tape into the wall to ensure that there are no bubbles.

Woman applying painter's tape for colorblocking

Step 4: Here comes the secret trick! Use a paintbrush to apply a light coat of paint in the same color as your existing wall, right over the edge of the tape that will be the border of your color-block. This makes it so that if any paint seeps through the tape, it’s the same color as your wall and it creates a barrier so that the color-blocking won’t seep through. Clean edges, here you come!

Hand brushing white paint on painter's tape

Step 5: While that line of paint is drying, I like to use another angled brush to start cutting in your colored paint from the edges. (You can mask the edges with painter’s tape if you like!) We started at the ceiling and did the upper edges first.

Step 6: Ensure that the paint on your tape is dry, and start rolling out the bulk of your color-blocked section. Follow behind with a brush and get any detailed areas, including the border of the tape.

Hand colorblocking pink paint with paint roller

Step 7: Repeat with another coat if necessary.

Step 8: Gently and carefully pull away your painter’s tape to reveal your pretty color-blocking!

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

I just love that trick for getting really great paint lines. And I have to say, I loved working with EasyCare Paint! It seemed to be a thicker formula than most paints I’ve worked with, which resulted in a lot less splashing and dripping. The Glee shade went on with great coverage and there were only a few spots we needed to go back over for a second coat.

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

And now Mags’ room finally feels right! That little burst of color at the top brought it all together. She loves it, and loves hanging out in there. She was just toodling around, playing in her kitchen and reading her books while I was photographing it all. It was such a sweet morning.

Do you have any painting projects coming up? Would you ever paint an accent like colorblocking? I’d love to know your thoughts in the comments below! xoxo

This post is sponsored by EasyCare Paint. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

Colorblocked pink paint in a kids' room

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