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Adult and Kids’ Bike Accessories: The Best Family Bike Gear

Biking with families is such a joy! Learn about our favorite bikes for adults, kids’ bike accessories, and the best bicycle gear for families.

The best bike gear for families
The best bike gear for families

I think my absolute favorite thing to do on any regular old afternoon with my family is ride bikes.

Ryan and I had been riding bikes all over the place before the kids were born, taking our bikes with us on trips or even renting bikes abroad, and it was something that we could not wait to do with our littles.

We had Henry on a bike seat way before he could walk or talk, and did the same with Maggie. I feel like it’s such a cool way to see the world, explore your neighborhood, and introduce the outdoors to your kids.

I get asked so often about our bikes and all our kids’ bike accessories, and I wanted to get all of the information together in one handy place to use as a reference. So here’s an extensive list of everything that we use and love!

The best bike gear for families
The best bike gear for families

When Can You Put a Baby In a Bike Seat?

When we were waiting to get Henry on a bike, we researched and found that it was best to wait until baby is strong enough to sit up, can hold their head steady, and can fit in a helmet.

So once he crossed off those checkpoints, we put him in a front bike seat. We would get so many smiles and waves with this little dude riding around in front of us, having the time of his life.

I loved the front seat for a little one because it was really easy to balance the way that the weight is distributed, and it felt like he was close and secure. The front seats only support kids up to a certain weight, so Henry rides in the back now, and Mags is in the front seat.

Can You Put 2 Child Seats on a Bike?

We get asked a lot if we ever ride with both kids on one bike, and the answer is YES! It’s not nearly as difficult as it seems like it would be; you just have to be careful when you’re getting on and off the bike that it stays balanced.

I can ride with one child in a front seat and one in a rear seat with no issues.

love my bike and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It’s a particular passion of mine, so I hope you find our list of gear helpful if you want to get into biking with your family!

Read on for the list, and for a few cool bicycle DIY projects that I love.

The best Bike Gear for Cruisers and City Bikes


Pure City 3-Speed Crosby Bike
Wald Wire Front Basket
Crane Brass Bell
Pure City Double Leg Kickstand We each have one of these; the handlebars can get heavy with the bike seats and this kickstand keeps your bike upright much better than the standard single-leg kickstand.

DIY Floral Bike Basket


Pure City 3-Speed Bourbon Bike
State Bicycle Co. City Bike Basket Ryan sanded and stained the wood base of this basket to a darker finish.
Velo Orange Chrome Half Clips He also hand-sewed some leather over the clips because he’s REALLY into bike stuff.
Pure City Leather Water Bottle Holder
Electra Bicycle Bell

The best bike gear for families
The best bike gear for families

Best Bike for a 2 Year Old

When our kids were old enough to want to ride on their own, we tried a mix of a small bike with training wheels and a balance bike.

If your child is comfortable on a balance bike, I highly recommend letting them experiment with it. It can help instill that sense of balance and coasting without feet on pedals, which translates really nicely to an older kids’ bike once they take training wheels off.

You might even be able to skip training wheels entirely!

The best Kids’ Bike Accessories

Yepp Mini Bicycle Child Seat Both of our bike seats are all black, which can sometimes be hard to find. Just keep an eye out for when they restock colors!

Yepp Mini Handlebar Adapter We each have one of these on our bikes and it means we can just slide the seat from bike to bike really easily. Takes about 5 seconds to move the seat to the other bike.

Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit Seat Same story here on the colors. Also, there’s a newer version that I’m hearing good things about. Make sure you know which model you need to fit your bike!

Thule Yepp Maxi Easyfit Adapter Makes it so that the bike seat attaches to a rear bike rack.

Burley Design D’Lite Child Bike Trailer This is on loan to us from a friend and it has been SO fun to cruise around in! We can take one or both kids in it and they love it.

Giro Scamp Helmet Both of our kids wear Giro helmets; they fit well and are easy on-off. Maggie uses Henry’s old one now and Henry sized up (the smallest one is called the Rascal). Be sure to get fitted at a bike store if you’re not sure how to fit your kiddo for a helmet.

The best bike gear for families

Fun DIY Bike Projects

These DIY bike projects are some of our most clicked-on posts ever! They’re each beautiful and, in some cases, majorly useful!

Hope you enjoy all of our recommendations, and happy cruising! xoxo

How to Make DIY Bike Pannier Bags
How to Make a Leather Wine Bottle Carrier for Your Bike
DIY Floral Bicycle Handlebars

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4 thoughts on “Adult and Kids’ Bike Accessories: The Best Family Bike Gear

  1. We’ve gotten really into doing this as a family too (though on long hiatus…Michigan winter) – such a great way to spend time together.
    Your gear list is great. When the kids are a little older, we think the Wehoo is amazing: It’s an investment, for sure, but it allows our son to be safely strapped in, but also to contribute with pedaling, which helps him have a lot more fun – and also helps my husband not have to pull so much weight!

    And can I put in a plug for EVERYONE in the family wearing helmets?! 🙂

    1. I’ve always wondered about the Wehoo! Thanks for the info, we’ll definitely look into it as the kids grow.

      And btw, we usually wear helmets, we just took them off when we were snapping photos of each other. But looking back that was probably a mistake because I have a feeling lots of folks are going to notice the same thing! Brain safety first! 😉

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