November Lovely Guy // The GentleDude

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Each month we feature a new Lovely Girl, meant to inspire you to explore the zillions of ways you can live a lovely life. These gals are based on real-life lovelies that we know and adore. This month, we’re branching out and featuring a Lovely Guy (because we know and love some pretty cool gents around here). Check out what our amazing illustrator Kristine Brookshire dreamed up! And if you love him as much as we do, you can get the original painting right here in Kristine’s shop.

The Gentledude

The GentleDude is the perfect combination of a modern day gentleman and a guy’s guy. He’ll open doors and offer his arm but sometimes he also just wants to sit down with a beer and watch the game. Somewhere between Fred Astaire and John Wayne, you can depend on this guy to fix your sink but also swing you around the dance floor — he’s not afraid of a little foxtrot, as long as you’re not afraid to dig into a bucket of wings with him afterward. Because the GentleDude knows that life is all about a little give and take.

The Gentledude

Bag. Tool Belt. Pocket Square. Watch. Bike. Sweater. Shoes.

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