Nine Awesome (And Doable) Leather DIY Projects


I think it’s safe to say that leather is in my top five raw materials when it comes to making really cool DIY projects. I have a stash that I always come back to when I need inspiration or am looking to make something really beautiful. I love seeing how other makers like to use leather, and have been collecting great leather DIYs on my Pinterest boards for way too long. So I’m unleashing all of my favorite pins right here, so that you can reap the benefits and make something super cool with leather this week. (And don’t forget, you can always go faux!)

9 Awesome Leather DIYs

Simple Leather Tote Bag from How Did You Make This
No-Sew Rope Coil Basket from Alice & Lois
Suede Leather Tassels from Homey Oh My
Leather Sunglasses Case from Always Rooney
Leather Bow Hair Tie from Oh The Lovely Things
Leather Loop Keychain from Homey Oh My
Suede and Gold Leaf Polka Dot Mousepad from Lovely Indeed
Monogrammed Leather Cufflinks from Almost Makes Perfect
Leather Maxi Bag from Chez Piu

So which would you make first? Have you done any of your own leather projects lately? Do tell! xoxo

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