New House Sneak Peek Before Photos


Okay, gang. It’s just a big empty space right now. And there’s dust everywhere and no doors on any rooms and the bathroom doesn’t have a floor. But its ours and I love it. I wanted to share some of these crazy (and maybe slightly terrifying) peeks at the new house in its current state! It’s very much in the middle of a mini-renovation — we decided to do a few things to it before we move all of our stuff in. Here’s the lowdown.

We put a coat of white paint on the whole inside of the house, so we’d be starting with a clean slate. I loooove how it’s just a big white box right now. So bright and so many possibilities. These are the two living rooms (slash dining rooms? We don’t really know yet.). The big project right this minute is that all the original hardwood in the house is getting sanded and refinished. Fingers crossed that it’ll be good.

New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

The kitchen cabinets got some paint, too — white on top and black on bottom. That mega-fabulous tile straight out of the 1950’s will be going soon. We’re hitching up our britches and going to see if we can DIY a new countertop and backsplash. Yikes. (Anyone have experience with that? Would love to know how it went!) Also new flooring coming in the kitch.

New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

Laundry porch view. Just because.

New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

More 1950’s tile. I know. Some of you are like, “Yaaaayyy!” And some of you are like, “….”. I don’t know what camp I’m in yet. But we’ll be living with the mint green tile for a while. In the meantime, we’re putting new tile on the floor.

New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

A hallway with so many closets and drawers I could just die. New hardware is on the way — I’m having a hard time not choosing gold everything.

New House Sneak Peek Before Photos

And the three bedrooms all look like some variation of the one below. There’ll be a master, a nursery, and an office. A whole office space, with a door on it and everything! You can’t imagine my happiness. Oy.

New House Sneak Peek Before PhotosSo! We have just a little bit of work cut out for us. But it’s the good kind of work, where at the end you get to sit back and survey your DIY kingdom and wiggle your toes because you are exhausted and it’s rad. Stay tuned for lots of projects and updates. And have a great week! xoxo

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  2. My goodness! I love that there are so many possibilities. Also – original hardwood is so fun. My parents pulled up the carpet several years ago in my childhood bedroom and found hardwood, which they refinished. It’s much more home-y than the fake stuff!

    Can’t wait to see what y’all do here. I just know it’ll look gorgeous!

  3. Ahhh! I’ve been waiting for this post! Talk about GREAT bones. I am so excited for you I might scream. Can not WAIT to see what you do with this beauty! Hooray!

  4. What kind of counter tops are you thinking?? I have all kinds of advice and ideas on this matter. Have you looked at butcher block? Totally DIY friendly, easy to cut, easy to care for and is it TOTALLY affordable. And it is easy to tie into a backsplash– you can also make your own concrete counter tops very inexpensively (you use melamine to build the molds) but this seems overwhelming to a new DIYer– or a seasoned DIYer. Or really it just seems scary! Let me know what you are thinking and I will be happy to share any tips or ideas I have. Two great sources for the butcher block are IKEA and Lumber Liquidators.

    1. Hey Al! Such great info, thank you! We were actually really into the idea of butcher block but I’ve been kind of worried about staining, scratches, etc. I’ll look into it some more!

  5. Yay! I was hoping to get a peek into your new digs. I can’t wait to see what you do with this place. I know it will be amazing!

  6. How exciting this is! New home and fixing it up! It’s the reason I love watching HGTV, I just love watching how people fix up houses. ๐Ÿ™‚

  7. I love in the first picture you can see furniture through the window like “Guys? Can I come in yet? Guys…?”

  8. That looks like a great little house with lots of room to add your style as you get settled. We redid our countertops with butcher block. It really was super easy. My best advice, if you try it, is not to assume ANY of your surfaces are at proper 90 degree angles.