New Email Series: At Home Parenting


Friends, it’s a good day because I have something for you. I created a brand new email series, packed full of support for you as you work to parent and/or work from home. I call it At-Home Parenting: Activities for Kids and Encouragement for Parents.

41 Free Activities to Do with Kids

Why An At-Home Parenting Series?

I have been casting my thoughts around wildly lately, trying to make sense of the world and find purpose within this unprecedented time. And I know that one of the gifts that I can give is creativity. Another is organization. And a third is encouragement.

So that all came together to create a 5-day email series, with some of my best tips and resources to give to you as we all navigate this together. Some of it will benefit your kids, some of it will benefit yourself and your wellbeing.

And all of it will be a breath of positivity that comes to your inbox daily.

How Do I Know if the Email Series is Right For Me?

Do you feel like you need backup right now? Then it’s right for you. Here are some other telltale signs that you’d like it:

  • you’re home all day with your kids
  • you feel the need to connect even though we are isolated
  • a boost of encouragement daily would be a big help
  • new ideas for your kids would take a load off your shoulders

If you try it and decide it’s not for you, it’s super easy to opt out.

Sign up Now

Looking forward to supporting each other during a time that feels so uncertain. There is still so much loveliness in the world, and so many helpers. Let’s come together to help each other! xoxo

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