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My Favorite Shoes for a Toddler

Favorite shoes for a toddler

Favorite shoes for a toddler

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again — having a toddler is a game changer. And I obviously can’t speak to what toddler girls are like, but my little dude is into anything and everything that’s dirty. Sidewalk chalk, mud, bugs, snails, dirt, leaves, bushes, paint — you name it, Henry wants in on the action. For a while after he learned to walk I couldn’t figure out why I was so tired all of a sudden and then I realized DUH it’s because Ryan and I now spend about 50% of our time chasing after him, making sure that he’s not doing something that that will a) get him killed or b) ruin his clothes beyond repair.

Aside from that, we apparently made a kid who is half-giant. We keep running into other little boys who are almost a year older than Henry and either the same height or shorter. I seriously can’t keep this kid in clothes, let alone shoes. A couple of months ago we went through 3 shoe sizes in 4 weeks. What?! Maybe I need to feed him less…

Anyway, we have been looking and looking for shoes for the little dude that would meet all of my mom criteria and I think, thanks to Zappos, we finally found my faves. You guys, baby Crocs are everything. First of all this turquoise pair looks stinking adorable on little chubby baby feet. And they’ve been pretty indestructible for us so far; we can take them to the beach or the park or the backyard for some sidewalk chalk action and they totally withstand the toddler test. (The fact that you can just rinse them off if they’re dirty is pretty major.) They’re just so easy to get on and off for a summertime shoe, too. We may or may not have also gotten this pair for the little guy – I love the detail on the toe!

Oh by the way, some gratuitous mom photos because this was such a happy day:

Son and mother

Come on. That little fist clutching a tiny car is something that I will always, always remember about this little nugget. Okay, nostalgic mom moment over.

We found these styles on Zappos (while we were looking, Mr. Lovely got all jealous and ordered himself a pair of these so they could twin. Ugh I can’t stand the cuteness.)! It’s perfect because they ship free and you can return super easily if your size is off. Major piece of cake. I’ve been known to do a little shopping for myself before on Zappos but I never thought of shopping for kids there. Let’s just talk for one second about how much I appreciate not having to take a toddler to a shoe store… 😉

Favorite shoes for a toddler

So if you’re tearing through toddler shoes like we are, give these guys a go. I have to say, I saw a baby girl at the park with some pink ones on the other day and my pregnant heart skipped a beat. There’s nothing more adorable than teeny tiny shoes, am I right?! xoxo

Favorite shoes for a toddler

This post is sponsored by Zappos & Crocs. All opinions are my own. Thank you for being supportive of the brands who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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5 thoughts on “My Favorite Shoes for a Toddler

  1. Chelsea, Henry looks so cute and I love how the boys are wearing matching shoe colors. Great photos. Pat S