Modern Bathroom Inspiration + a Renovation Update


Modern black and white bathroom

Things are getting real in the Lovely household! The renovation has been underway for a good few months now, and we’re probably nearing the halfway point. I’m a little weary of living inside a dust cloud, but every so often a big exciting thing gets built or finished and it helps us to see the light at the end of the tunnel.

These days, we’re picking finishings for the new studio bathroom and sheesh there are about a zillion tiny decisions to make. It’s kind of tricky to design a home when you work on the internet because there is SO MUCH gorgeous inspiration out there, so I’m trying to clear the clutter in my head and keep our vision of a bright, black and white bathroom with modern touches. I rounded up a few of my faves so I can pretend our bathroom didn’t look like this about a week ago:

Bathroom under construction

Yup. Can’t even tell what that is, can ya? That’s standing in the new studio, looking into the new bathroom. But a lot can happen in a week, and we’ve got walls and everything now like a couple of fancy folks. So here are a few of my wildest dreams of what it’ll look like in a few weeks more.

We won’t have a tub in this bathroom, but that white subway tile with the black grout down below designed by Ali Cayne is just so good. (And while we’re at it, how gorgeous is the bathroom at the very top of this post?! Erin Williamson nailed it.)

Modern black and white bathroom

Love the juxtaposition of the tile on the bathroom floor and the shower floor in this design by Emily Henderson!
Modern black and white bathroom

I’m thinking we’re going with gold fixtures on the sink and shower, like this pretty little number from Kristen Marie Interiors.Modern black and white bathroom

I’m really digging the wood color on the vanity and the double mirrors in this room by Royale Roulotte!Modern black and white bathroom

And this space styled by 100 Layer Cake (and photographed by our pal Jeff Mindell!) has such a dreamy countertop and beautiful light I can’t get it out of my head. Modern black and white bathroom

So you get the point, right? We know what we want, now it’s just a matter of making it happen. It’s easier said than done, I swear! Sometimes looking at tile my eyes will just cross and I want to close my eyes and point at one and call it good. But it’s also secretly really fun. 😉 More updates to come! xoxo

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  1. Oh I love the feels you have planned for the space! Understated but totally NOT boring. I imagine the gold and/or yellow details will come later?? 😀

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