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Modern Baby Gifts for Cool Kids

I love giving a baby gift that no one has seen before! Check out these modern baby gifts and add them to your list for the new cool kid in town.

We’ve been through all the seasons. The season where all of our friends were getting engaged, the one where we were at a wedding every month, and the one where baby announcements were covering our fridge.

Now? Those babies are being born, celebrating milestones, and having birthdays! And there’s nothing more fun than shopping for an adorable little bundle of joy.

I rounded up some of my favorite modern baby gifts, because I love giving baby gifts that are special, unexpected, and thoughtful. Check out these ideas and bookmark your favorites!

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For the BAby whose Parents Met on Bumble

I’ll bet you know more than a few kids whose parents met on the apps! Bumble just happens to be an app that I can totally get behind because women make the first move (men can’t initiate conversations). Helloooo empowering!

It’s also pretty cool that on the app, there’s an area for users to add their ideal plans about whether they want children — whether they’re “Not Sure,” “Have Some and Want More,” “Don’t Want,” and a bunch of other combinations. That transparency feels pretty awesome.

Bumble actually has a brand new, adorable baby collection in the Bumble Shop, perfect for babes whose parents met on the app (or anyone who likes really cute baby stuff).

modern baby gifts

The Mini Move Maker bucket hat just happens to be my fave. Perfect for sun protection with a little personality!

I also love that the onesie is unisex, so it can be passed on to siblings no matter what. And the soft little towel? I can’t tell you how many of those we needed when our babes were little. A must-have.

For the Health-conscious Family

If you know a family who is super into organic, hand-made, or BPA free, there are so many unique and adorable baby gift ideas out there these days!

modern baby gifts

Gift a modern teether that they definitely haven’t seen before! This monstera leaf teether is BPA-free and comes in four pretty colors.

Every baby needs a lovey, and I love that this bunny lovey is made of organic cotton. And the rattle comes in the shape of your home state, and is handmade with your favorite colors.

for the Second (or Third, or Fourth) Baby

Ah, the first child. That kid gets all the showers, all the gifts, all the attention.

Then comes number 2. I was lucky with Maggie if I even remembered to jot something down in her baby book on her birthday, let alone the intense documenting that I did with Henry.

But let’s celebrate younger siblings with a little something special!

modern baby gifts

By the time parents have multiple kids, anything that makes life easy is a plus! So a toy bundle like this one, that’s packaged with age and developmental phases in mind is a big win.

Same goes for diapers! A diaper subscription is a dream for a busy family. And for the kiddo who needs something special, I love the idea of a personalized book. This one also plants a tree in the child’s honor for every book purchased.

For the “No Gifts Please” Family

What to do when a family insists on no gifts for a new little one? Honestly, as tough as it is to honor those wishes, it might be what’s best for the situation!

But that doesn’t mean you can’t offer a gesture of support or kindness. Bring over a meal or set up a meal train for a family with a new baby. Give a gift certificate for a house cleaning. Watch the baby or kids for a few hours while mom and dad get some rest or take care of things they need to do.

Celebrating the cool kids in your life with a modern baby gift is a simple way to say welcome to the world! And whether you do that with the softest onesie or just a sweet card, I’m sure every family will be feeling the love.

This post is sponsored by Bumble. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of our favorite partners and brands!

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