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Make and Give // DIY Leather Key Basket



It’s one for the dudes! You know I love to find DIYs that can serve as gifts for guys. They always get the short end of the DIY stick, if you ask me. But this one is plenty manly and plenty easy. We’re making a DIY leather key basket for all of those dudes out there who come home with too much stuff in their pockets.


Make Time: 30 Minutes plus drying time


Start by getting your square of leather thoroughly damp. I dipped a rag in water and spread the water over the leather until it absorbed. You can also use a spray bottle to apply the water.


Once the leather is evenly damp, dip one of the clean, soft rags into the leather dye. Start spreading the dye evenly over the leather. Once you have a full coat of dye applied, add dye to any places that look light or uneven. If you’d like the back side dyed as well, repeat the process with water and dye on the back.


Pinch together each corner of the square and hold with clothespins. It’s important to do this step while the leather is still wet and flexible! Once you have the basket shape in place, be sure that the edges of the leather are covered with dye as well. Set this aside and let it set until the leather is dry and a bit more stiff.



Apply a small amount of E-6000 at each corner, under the spot where the clothespins were holding them together. Replace the clothespins to hold the corners while the glue dries.


After the glue dries, use one more clean, soft, dry rag to buff out any excess color from the basket. (You can also add a leather finish or sealer if you like.)

And that’s it! Wrap it up and put it under the tree for your fella or your dad. And rejoice in the fact that the keys and spare change now have a cozy little place to live. Make it and give it! xoxo


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15 thoughts on “Make and Give // DIY Leather Key Basket

  1. Very cool! Looks like I need to add ‘work with leather’ to my crafty resolutions for this year.

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