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DIY Enamel Tie Clip

DIY Tie Clip

It’s another one for the dudes! If your guy needs a tie clip that’s a little more dressy than last week’s, this is the one for you. And it’s even easier than the last one. You’ll need:

  • blank tie clip (from the craft store)
  • Sharpie paint pens

Start by painting a base coat of black on the entire surface of the tie clip. Let it dry thoroughly and repeat the process to build up a little paint on the surface.

DIY Tie Clip

DIY Tie Clip

Using another color (I chose gold, duh), paint a pattern over the black. I did some tidy polka dots, but you could do stripes, colorblocking, or a zillion other awesome things.

DIY Tie Clip

Make sure you let this one dry according to the directions before you wrap or use it! Make it, give it, and love it. xoxo

DIY Tie Clip

DIY Tie Clip

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  1. This is such a sweet idea. I never know what to make for the guys on my Christmas list, and this one looks like it would be a hit with all of them… well of them who work anyway ๐Ÿ™‚

    Thanks so much for this series. Great ideas!

    x Elena @ Randomly Happy

    1. Hi Kevin! I found them at a local craft supply store called Kit Kraft, in Studio City. But I’m sure you could find some online!

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