Maggie // Three Months

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Marguerite Elaine

Our girl is three months old. It has become so apparent to me how very different babies are, even from birth. It’s so surprising how you can see their personalities peek through, and even more surprising how two siblings can be so different.

Maggie is so thoughtful. She’ll look at you or a toy or a book for a good long while, thinking her thoughts. If you sit down with her one on one she’ll have a conversation with you, and will literally talk back and forth with ooh’s and aah’s. Sometimes during a conversation, she’ll get fussy and just want to be left alone to play on her playmat for a bit. I keep seeing these flashes of myself in her — she’s watchful, patient, maybe a bit introverted. But always sweet and genuine, and very confused by her brother’s tantrums. 😉

She’s thisclose to rolling over, and sleeps through the night sometimes. She’s close to a permanent sleep-through situation, but still suffers from reflux and has had a cold for the last few weeks so those things wake her up a bit. But when she wakes up she can almost always get herself back to sleep, or just needs a quick check-in to settle back down.

Every day I am more grateful for these two babies of mine. Marguerite Elaine has been such a sweet addition for us, and I always say she feels like she belongs to the three of us, Ryan, Henry, and me. xoxo

P.S. Henry’s months are right here. And Maggie’s are here.

Marguerite Elaine

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