Maggie // Six Months

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Six month old Maggie

Six month old Maggie

Six month old Maggie

Sweet Marguerite is half a year old! I’m blinking and it’s passing me by, guys. We are trying to let every little moment surround us with these babes, because it’s so fleeting. It almost hurts your heart to think about. But I’m starting to remember that six months is one of my favorite stages — they become so playful and silly and start being their own little people. I love Maggie at six months!

She’s dominating the world of solids, is always really pumped on rice cereal, and is pretty excited about veggies too. She’s starting to become a little clingy with me and will sometimes cry if I walk away or leave a room (be still my heart!), but is usually pretty good in social situations. She’s still pretty chill, and has always been an observer. Maggie loves when Henry interacts with her and he can pretty much always make her smile. She’s starting to tease us a little bit; she’ll shake her head at us until we do it back and then she’ll do it even bigger. She thinks she’s pretty funny. 😉

Mags is sitting up lots and really loves to be standing in her little play table. Still can’t roll from tummy to back — she just likes tummy time too much, I think? We’ll get there. This week she discovered her tongue and is quite taken with it. Lots of “la la laaaa” sounds, which just slays me. She’s all chunky right now and I just love those squishy cheeks.  Happy six months, Baby Love! xoxo

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Six month old Maggie

Six month old Maggie

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  1. Sweet Maggie! What a little angel baby. I am obsessed with her legs…does that sound weird? I’m a sucker for sweet baby rolls. Haha! My twins never had many of those. P.S. The site is stunning, such an easy looker on the old eyes. Well done my friend!

    1. So not weird, because I love them too! And thanks so much for the kind words about the site!! We are totally in love with it, glad you like it too! xoxo

  2. hahaha that 3rd picture from the top looks like she’s kickin’ back with her girls on the coffee shop patio. 😀 LOVE YOU, little Sweetie!!! <3 <3 <3