Maggie // Four Months

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Baby Maggie Four Months

Baby Maggie Four Months

Our little Baby Love is four months old today! It’s kind of hard to believe, because we’ve been pretty much battling illness with her since the three month mark. I’ll fill you in on that a bit more later, but suffice it to say she fought a nasty case of RSV and is finally getting back to herself. I have a feeling we’ll be dealing with the after-effects for a few weeks, but for now I’m just so glad to have our little sunshine back.

In the meantime, she rolled over from back to front for the first time the other day! She hasn’t had too much time for any other milestones because she’s been so sick. But she is professional at using a baby inhaler for her wheezing, and is the bravest little nugget when it comes to getting through a coughing attack. At the three month mark she was sleeping through the night but has regressed a bit since being so sick, so we are working back toward that goal. I think we’ll get there.

Take a peek at her month photos down below — I feel like she grew so much this month! xoxo

P.S. Henry at four months.

Baby Maggie Months 1-4

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  1. She is TOO cute and has a great set of hair on her already! Glad she’s feeling better than what she’s been feeling for her first three months. Hang in there too, Mama!

  2. Maggie is so adorable. I am glad she is recovering. It is always tough when the kiddos are sick. When my daughter was 1 1/2 we were at the doctors or ER a lot until they admitted her for 8 days and it was hell. Her brother was only 4 at the time. Even after she was home she was still on meds and sick but on her way to recovery. Now this one is 22 and needs knee surgery. You never stop worrying.