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Maggie // 11 Months

Maggie 11 months

Maggie 11 months

Maggie 11 months

Just one more month until Baby Love is officially a year old! Nothing you could ever say could convince me that this is accurate — I mean, surely somebody turned all the calendars forward and she was just born a few weeks ago, right?! Here’s what’s new with sweet Marguerite.

Crawling, climbing, cruising, and walking with a little walker toy! Gone are the days of setting Maggie down in one spot, leaving the room, and having her be there when we come back. So far she’s not too mischievous — she mostly wants to follow Henry around and explore all of his toys. Hoping that this stays the case, because we never really had to baby-proof too much stuff with Hanky. He pretty much just let well enough alone and didn’t bother our grownup stuff. Fingers crossed that Mags is the same!

Maggie is also a gal who likes to take her time over a meal. I’m thinking she would have made a great European baby — I mean, this kid can sit and munch on food for up to an hour. So leisurely. She also recently started to refuse any food that was cut up into tiny chunks and prefers to hold a big piece and gnaw on it with her two tiny teeth. She’s a gal who knows what she likes and will let you know.

We’re starting to be able to have little conversations with her! Between her small (but growing) vocabulary, lots of hand signals, and her little coo sounds we can totally chat. Today she asked me where Daddy was, and I told her he was in the studio working, and she waved and said bye bye in that direction, and then pointed outside to let me know she was ready to leave the kitchen. Crazy. Babies are SO smart. Her actual vocabulary these days consists of ball, doggy, done, mama, daddy, brother, Henry, Papa, and still uses “dat” and “deh” when she puts something together or sets something down. She’ll play catch with you, rolling a ball across the floor. Any time music comes on she starts swaying back and forth, which is one of my favorite things ever. And her little curls are out of control, but only on the back and sides of her head. Her hair is flat on top, which results in a Gene Wilder look that is kind of adorable.

I treasure every day with this babe and every milestone is so bittersweet! We love you, Maggie Mags! xoxo

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Maggie 11 months

Maggie 11 months Maggie 11 months Maggie 11 months

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2 thoughts on “Maggie // 11 Months

  1. Oh my gosh, such cuteness. And it is amazing how much babies can learn without you actually teaching them, isn’t it? They are so smart. 🙂