Living on Snatched Time

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Mom and Baby

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Looking back now to having only one kid, I have to laugh at myself. I remember thinking This is the hardest thing. This has to be the hardest thing in the world. And then you add another kid and suddenly you find yourself reminiscing fondly about the days of only one baby. And how when the kid went down for a nap, you had some time to yourself! To do whatever you wanted! But now when Kid #1 is down for a nap, who knows what Kid #2 needs? Maybe Kid #2 is also sleeping (if magical unicorns have sprinkled fairy dust over your house that day) but most often, they’re not. They’re awake. And they need to eat or play or have their diaper changed or who knows what.

Please don’t misunderstand, I love those babies! Love ’em so much I’m afraid I’ll pop ’em if I squeeze too hard. But with Maggie joining our squad I’ve been realizing lately how much a mom has to live on little snatches of  time.

45 minutes at 5:30 am to run to the gym and work out while both kids are asleep.

5 minutes when you get home to shower.

5 more minutes to try to make your hair look okay and maybe slap on some makeup.

2 minutes while the older one is eating a snack to respond to an email or text.

1 minute while they’re playing in the living room to hide in the kitchen and eat an Oreo, so you don’t have to share it.

2 minutes after a 3 am feeding to respond to another email while your eyes will still stay open.

All of these little bits of snatched time are where we moms have to try to do something for themselves. Sometimes I find myself looking at Ryan and thinking Why do you have so much more tiiiiiime than I do?! I’m not even sure that he does, with the exception that I’m breastfeeding so I do have a little ball and chain with me lots of the time. I think as moms we just push ourselves to always be available, and so anything that’s just for ourselves (showering included) feels like it should be done fast and gotten out of the way so we can tend to the family again.

I’m truly wondering how we’re gonna work all of the scheduling out once I’m back to work full time. I know that women do it all the time, and I’m double-lucky to have a husband who works at home and people in town to help with childcare. But right now, it still looks daunting.

Moms, do you feel like you live on snatched time too? And please tell me I’m not the only one who hides while they eat a cookie so their kid won’t take it. 😉 xoxo

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  1. My little girl is 3 now, but I so remember the first few months of her life. I don’t think it will ever be erased from my memory. Moments like: finally thinking I have a chance to eat breakfast or lunch, but the moment I take that first bite, she’s up from nap. Or never taking off my sweat pants. Or not making the bed for over 3 months (and I’m a really neat and tidy person so that drove me crazy). That’s just the sacrifice moms make, but I can tell you I really miss those times! Cradling her in my arms made up for everything. I wish I can do that again.

  2. I’m a grandmother now, but I remember that feeling like it was yesterday! I remember ducking into the shower and out again. And the feeling that you……..never…….get…….done………. doing things…….. one after the other. Crazy, isn’t it, how absolutely overwhelming the love is, and that’s how we did it. Pretty neat how that works. <3

  3. I’ve been always amazed how moms manage having two kids! I just can’t fit it in my mind, so much respect for you ladies! Thinking of just one scares the crap out of me. Especially when it comes to joggling life and work and personal time.

  4. One hundred percent yes to all of this. It’s getting, I promise… but it’s part of the mom life, I think. And the second they go to bed, I eat a cookie, 3 scoops of ice cream and chug a beverage… then everything feels better.

  5. I can relate to all of you ladies i sometimes feel that i need a personal assistant for my life no joke…… So that i can attend to my family and know that the rest is taken care of. I have a 2 year old girl and my son is 7 years old. My son on the other hand has a 1000 questions everyday lol. They keeping me on my toes, ive made peace with the fact that i cant go to gym , working around the house is a work out for me. I get such an anxiety if i see that i am running behind with time cause my whole life is time constraint