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Last Chance to Enroll!

The Productivity Tool Kit

Well friend, today’s the day! The day to decide whether this is finally the year that you are going to take the time that you need and deserve, to invest in yourself and in making your days incredible.

Today’s the day that doors close to The Productivity Tool Kit, at 9pm Pacific time.

At the end of 2019, I taught a live presentation of the Tool Kit. And as I looked out at the sea of women in the audience, I saw:

  • heads nodding emphatically because they were finally feeling heard and seen, and like someone had the answer to the overwhelm and frustration they couldn’t shake
  • pages and pages of notes being scribbled joyfully, to try to capture every idea, strategy, tool, and uplifting message
  • laughter with friends, because they were realizing that we are all in the same boat — and they were being thrown some powerful paddles

The irony of The Productivity Tool Kit is that it’s a course about productivity, setting goals, and getting stuff done. But it’s so hard to commit to starting!

It’s so insanely difficult to believe in ourselves enough to push that go button.

Are you reading this thinking, “There’s no way out of my situation.” Or, “I’m just always going to be busy.” Or, “What could possibly be in there that would help me?”

Friend, take a chance on yourself today. And take a chance on me. Trust me to show you that you’re wrong. Dead wrong.

And even better yet, you have literally nothing to lose — the course comes with a money back guarantee if you use it and find that it’s just not for you.

At the very least, click below and read more about the course. Do that for yourself! And if you feel your heart nudging you, listen to it. xoxo


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