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I Do Not Have it All Together

I do not have it all together

There’s this idea that I always hear about, called the “Pick Three” theory. I think it’s attributed to Randi Zuckerberg, although I feel like I had been seeing similar ideas before she spun it into a book. The idea is this. On any given day, an entrepreneur can only really choose three items to attend to from this list: Work, Sleep, Family, Fitness, Friends. And there’s just not enough time in the day to really fit in any more than that. I kind of get it. Although, in my own life, the list feels more like Work, Sleep, Personal Care, Marriage, Kids, House, Fitness, Friends. And I could even break it down further than that. Some days I feel like I can touch on them all. Some days I feel like I can barely scratch the surface of any of them.

I’m not sure I completely subscribe to the whole idea, but I definitely understand the point. No person is able to do it all. No person can tackle everything in the little 24 hours that we have every day. Nobody has it all together. I do not have it all together.

Today, for example, from my own list I was able to touch on Work (but not deeply), Sleep, Kids, House, and Fitness. But I’ve barely looked at my husband and my hair is unwashed. And I didn’t exactly finish the laundry, but at least I started it. Every day looks a little different. But for some reason, when I see it broken down like this, it all seems a little less overwhelming. Maybe tomorrow I’ll get to Friends and Marriage, and finish up House. When I think about it, getting to each one of those things every single day doesn’t even look appealing. It sounds mundane and too much. So maybe not having it all together works for me. 😉

Do you like the Pick Three idea? Does it apply to your life? Which three will you pick today? xoxo

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6 thoughts on “I Do Not Have it All Together

  1. I dunno if I subscribe because if I do the future seems REAL BLEAK haha!
    I have my own business so I have to work every day. I don’t skimp on sleep so that’s 2. That’s only room for 1 thing every day. CRAP!

  2. I can’t imagine how crazy busy you’re life must be! My only requirements most of the time are work, house, blog, and partner. My friends and family live far away so we usually just catch up for the big things and keep in touch online otherwise.

    Even though I’ve only got those four things, I feel like I never have enough time for them all! I’d love to introduce personal care into the mix, but that’s also super overwhelming because there’s also a post to write or a dish to clean or a shelf to dust, and it’s really difficult to prioritise myself over tasks like that.

    But knowing that everyone else – even superhumans like you who always seem like they have it all together – goes through the same thing makes it all a little bit easier!

  3. When I am overwhelmed and have too many things to do, I think of a bunch of small balls being thrown at me and it’s the ones that I catch that I pay attention to and I just have to let the other ones keep on flying by. It’s impossible to keep all the balls up in the air at once (as I learned along time ago). I agree that we are only capable of giving adequate attention to a few things at a time if we really want to experience them or do them well. A schedule always helps me to make sure I’m getting to the things I need to pay attention to during the week. The trick is keeping to the schedule and trying not to get off track.

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