How to Make Life Insurance Less Stressful

There are some things that come along in your adult life that just make you feel so… grownup. And for me, one of those things is talking about life insurance. It’s not glamorous, but friends, it’s necessary. And little by little I’ve learned how to make life insurance less stressful.

Why Do I Need Life Insurance?

For me, life insurance became a must after I got married, and then an even bigger consideration when we started our family. Here’s the thing: you have life insurance so that, in case the worst happens and your family is left without you, you know that they’ll be taken care of financially.

Not a very fun topic to mull over, right?! I know, it’s tough. But Ryan and I made a very conscious decision early in our marriage to keep level heads about it, put aside emotion, and make sure that each of us and our kids would be provided for, should anything happen to us.

And I feel so good knowing that we’re okay having those conversations, and that we have a plan for the future.

But… How do I get Life INsurance?

There are lots of different ways to go about it, but honestly? Policygenius has been a totally stress-free, easy-to-use way to get a life insurance policy.

Without them, you’d most likely be looking up a zillion different policies online, trying to compare, and sort through all of that data. But Policygenius compiles the life insurance market all in one place, for easy comparison and to save you money when you buy. (You can save up to 40% by shopping top-rated insurers right on their site.)

They’re not salesy (which is always a plus when you’re shopping insurance), and it’s crystal clear to understand. That, for me, is a total game changer. I’m used having to really fight to understand finances and insurance and things of that nature, but Policygenius lays it all out so clearly. It’s a no-brainer.

They make everything quick and easy so that you and your family can gain that peace of mind without a ton of stress.

online life insurance marketplace to find life insurance

Find the Right Life Insurance For You

For us, we have a few life insurance policies, layered in different terms so that they expire at various points in our lives. We also have some permanent life insurance that will last forever. If you’re curious about what’s right for you, you can use Policygenius’ filters to select the type of insurance, the amount, and the monthly payments will pop right up so you can have a jumping off point.

From there, you get a breakdown of the insurance providers so you can find one that feels right before you buy.

Click right here to just explore. You can do a ton of research before you commit, and they really just open your eyes to the possibilities, and what you can provide for your partner or family. I have a feeling you’ll find that it’s way easier than you thought it would be!

Having the Life INsurance Conversation

And above all, I’d just really encourage you to keep an open dialogue with your spouse, partner, or family about the whole life insurance thing! It can be unnerving, to look into your future this way, but knowing that you have plans in place to take care of your loved ones feels so good.

Have you had the conversation? Do you have a life insurance plan in place? I’d love to know your thoughts. xoxo

online life insurance marketplace to find life insurance
how to make life insurance less stressful

This post is sponsored by Policygenius. All ideas and opinions are my very own. Thank you for being supportive of the partners who help keep Lovely Indeed rocking!

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