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How to Make an Easy Donut Wall

How to Make an Easy Donut Wall

How to Make an Easy Donut Wall

Marguerite is a girl who knows what she wants! When we asked her if she’d rather have cake or donuts at her party she said… well, to be honest, she said both. We were having a friend party in the morning and a family party at night, so we were like HECK YEAH BOTH. And somehow donuts turned into a donut wall. Because why wouldn’t they? It’s funny, too — about half of the adults at the party asked if the donuts were real when they first walked in! I mean, I love a good joke but I would not tease about donuts.

How to Make an Easy Donut Wall


  • pegboard
  • non-toxic, child-safe paint, such as milk paint
  • pegboard hooks
  • donuts!
  • optional: a stand for the pegboard
  • optional: decor, such as gold balloons

Make Time: 30 Minutes

Step 1: Start by cutting your pegboard to your desired size. This was a scrap that we happened to have left over from this project. It was just the right size for about 20-30 donuts so we used what we had. You’ll want to estimate the number of donuts that you’ll need when you’re planning the size of your pegboard. If you don’t have access to a saw, you can most likely have a cut made if you purchase your pegboard at your local hardware store.

Step 2: If desired, paint your pegboard. We recommend using milk paint; this is the same type of paint that’s used on children’s toys, etc. It’s non-toxic and kid-safe.

Step 3: If you’re placing your pegboard on a stand or an easel, do so now. Wherever you place it, make sure that it’s secure and won’t topple over. We used velcro to attach ours to our kids’ art easel, which actually worked pretty well. There was even the bonus of the easel tray catching all of the crumbs that fell (because there is definitely a crumb situation with a donut wall!). The only drawback was that the donuts were within reach of the toddlers at the party, and a few of the bottom row got poked at by excited fingers. 🙂

How to Make an Easy Donut Wall

Step 4: Plan your layout! Measure your donuts and be sure that you have a plan for how many rows and columns you want to create. Place your hooks in the board accordingly. A note on the hooks, too: we ordered some that came in a variety pack, and some were too short to even hold a donut on the board. The ones linked above are 2″, which should be enough for most donuts. But if you’re getting hooks somewhere else, be sure that they are long enough to suspend a donut on the board. At this point, you’ll also want to decide whether or not to include any decor on the board, like our gold balloons. We just secured them to the pegboard with Glue Dots.

Step 5: Hang your donuts on the hooks. We recommend doing this shortly before your party starts, so that the donuts remain nice and fresh.

Ta-daaaaa! The little photo of Maggie sitting and staring at the donuts just KILLS ME. I told her not to touch them after we had set them up before the party, so she brought over her little stool and just sat and looked at them. I mean, if that doesn’t melt your heart I don’t know what will! Also, bless that girl for sitting six inches from 30 donuts and not grabbing a single one of them. More willpower than I have, right there. xoxo

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How to Make an Easy Donut Wall

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9 thoughts on “How to Make an Easy Donut Wall

  1. I cannot even imagine getting to CHOOSE A DONUT OFF A DONUT WALL and then getting to EAT IT. Cutest fun bday “cake” ever! ?

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  3. Hi! What are the measurements of your scrap piece of peg board? Just trying to get an idea of how big I should get mine cut. Thank you!