good to know: how to tie an adjustable knot

When it come to parties, UPPERCASE knows how to do it.  At their recent Alt Summit mini party they had tubs of beads, skeins of twine, and other fun goodies set around so folks could make jewelry while they chatted.  I obviously had to make a necklace for my most perfect niece, because she’s starting to love jewelry.

But!  I didn’t knot it right up because I wanted it to be adjustable but didn’t know how to tie those fancy-schmancy adjustable knots.  So I came right home and learned how to make one, and come to find out — they are neither fancy nor schmancy.  They are crazy easy.

Step by step:  Tie one end of your string into a loose knot.  Insert the other end into the loose knot and pull through until there is a tail a few inches long.  Tighten the first knot firmly.  Tie the remaining loose end around the first string.  Tighten knot.  Adjust the knots by slipping them back and forth.

See?  Oh my gosh!  Now we can all be brilliant together.  And my niece is going to love this.  xoxo

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  1. ha, I’ve wondered how to do this for years but never thought to look it up. Thanks for making seemingly unattainable within reach. hahhaa 😉

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