Five Minute Home Hack: Organize Your Coat Closet

How to organize your coat closet in five minutes

This may be a five minute home hack to organize your coat closet, but trust me when I say we’re gonna cover a lot of ground today. Firstly, you’re about to see a part of my home that’s neither styled nor fancy nor full of very cool and/or expensive organizational tools. The part of my home you’re about to see is the inside of our coat closet door. And it’s nothing special. (Because I swear bloggers are real people too, and I have a messy coat closet just like everyone else in the world. Even more real: I didn’t sweep the floor before I took these photos, and I didn’t Photoshop out the dust bunnies or leftover New Year’s Eve confetti. Because who has time for that?) But I stole this organization idea from my sister (oh hey girl!) and it has changed my life. And by changed my life, I mean I don’t want to scream every time I open the closet to hang up a coat.

How to organize your coat closet in five minutes

How to organize your coat closet in five minutes

There she is, in all her glory — the inside of our organized coat closet door.  In the winter, we keep all of our hats and gloves and scarves in the closet by the front door so we can grab them when we head outside on walks or errands. And with four people (two of which are tiny and therefore have tiny accessories), our old organization technique of “just toss it all in a pile on the shelf” wasn’t cutting it. So here’s what we did, and it cost about $8 because I had half of the materials already.


  • Command Hooks (use some that are rated for at least a few pounds; we used these). You’ll need two for every row of winter gear you want to hang up.
  • soft rope or twine
  • clothespinsHow to organize your coat closet in five minutes

Make Time: 5 Minutes

Step 1: Hang your Command hooks on the inside of your closet door. Hang two hooks; one on either side of the door at the same level.

Step 2: Cut a length of rope that’s about 8 inches longer than the distance between your hooks. Tie a loop on either end and hook the loops over the Command hooks.

Step 3: Clip up all of your hats, gloves, scarves, and more! If you have little kids, create a low rope for them so that they can get and put away their own items.

I know it sounds dumb and this is totally “mom blogger” of me, but this whole setup truly is a lifesaver. Henry is now in charge of getting his own hat and mittens for school every day and puts them away by himself. Ryan no longer tosses his earmuffs on the floor of the closet. It’s a simple and cheap setup but it really is effective. Also, the Command hooks make it so that when you want to remove them there’s no damage to your doors. (And no, this isn’t sponsored, but I did work with Command last year and I use those bad boys ALLLLL over the place.)

So welcome to my world, where an organized closet = a happy life! Let me know if you try this one! xoxo

How to organize your coat closet in five minutes

6 thoughts on “Five Minute Home Hack: Organize Your Coat Closet”

  1. Keeping things real, I love that about you and your blog. 🙂 This a such a good idea, especially since kids can easily use the storage system.

  2. First of all, I just discovered your blog and I’m loving it. Playing catch up here. It’s July, but I’m commenting on a winterized blog entry! This is so simple but so WOW, of course, why didn’t I think of that? I’ll have to remember this for my definitely unorganized coat closet! Thanks!

    1. Thanks Rachel, glad the post inspires you! And I’m so happy you found us here. See ya around lots more, I hope. 🙂

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