DIY Wood Plaques for Mother’s Day

DIY Wood Mother's Day Plaques

Mother’s Day is coming! I love celebrating my mom, and this year I made some little plaques that I think she’ll find hilarious (after, of course, I explain what “Bae” means). These are crazy fast to make, so if you accidentally wait a few weeks and realize you have nothing for your ever-lovin’ mama the night before Mother’s Day, whip these up and you can pretend you were on top of it all along.


Make Time: 10 Minutes

DIY Wood Mother's Day Plaques

Step 1: Trim your patterned paper to the size of your wooden boards.

Step 2: Spray a light coat of adhesive onto one side of the boards. Carefully align the paper on the board so that all edges and corners are even. Press the paper onto the wood.

Step 3: Decide on some fun phrases that your mom would love, and spell them out with your stickers.

DIY Wood Mother's Day Plaques

DIY Wood Mother's Day Plaques

Give them to mama and make her giggle! She can place them around the house, on shelves, hang them on the wall — any old place! I can’t decide which I like best, but “Mom is Bae” is pretty hilarious, right? What would you have them say for your mom? xoxo

P.S.  You are the hottest mom I know.

DIY Wood Mother's Day Plaques

DIY Wood Mother's Day Plaques

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  1. I would make my wonderful mama a series of her most classic advice through the years: Pretty is as pretty does. See it through. Wear clean underwear.

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