diy wild animal bud vases

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Okay.  This is either going to be the best DIY ever, or quickly end up on Pinterest, You Are Drunk.  Either way, I’m prepared.  In any case, I was recently doing another project with some of those little plastic animals that are so popular right now, and this popped into my head.  No pun intended.

I know it’s a little weird.  But doesn’t it also totally make you giggle?  Especially with the vicious animals?  I mean, to see a little flower coming out of a T-Rex’s head is kind of funny, right?  Maybe it’s just me.

Anyway!  If you want to do it, here’s all you have to do.  Grab some plastic animals from the dollar store.  Not the teeny-tiny ones, but the ones that are about 2 or 3 inches tall.

With either a hot knife or a small saw, saw off their heads.  Apologize to them for the carnage.

Grab a drill and drill a hole where their heads used to be, as deep as possible without popping out of the other side of the animal.

Then just paint them fun colors and fill each animal with a flower or two!  I’m kind of picturing these on a dinner table, with a little animal at each place setting.  I mean, just think of the dinner conversation!  xoxo

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  1. i am seriously obsessed with ALL of your diys! i just made a michaels list and i think this weekend i’m going to try the candle holders and the glitter thumbtacks!! im so happy i found your blog!

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