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So I definitely can’t take credit for this idea — I’ve seen these little cuties floating around the internet for some time now.  But when my brother-in-law mentioned that he might like some garden markers for the little vegetable garden he planted with my niece, these are what popped into my head.  So I got busy!

I didn’t take too many photos during the process, but it’s not too difficult to figure out.  You’ll need some cheap spoons (a dollar or thrift store would be perfect), a hammer, a towel, a sharpie, and metal letter stamps, which I ordered here.

For starters, flatten out your spoons.  You’ll need a really hard surface — think concrete.  I literally went outside and sat on the ground.  Lay down the towel, put a spoon on it face-down, and hammer away.  Maybe start with a test run, just to get the feel of things.

After the spoons are flattened, use the hammer to punch in your letters.  Again, do a test run first.  I found that one or two light taps followed by a few stronger hammer strikes worked well.  Don’t be bummed if a letter gets crooked or blurred — I think it kind of adds to the individuality of the piece.

Finally, take your Sharpie and color over each tiny letter.  Rub the excess Sharpie away with your finger or a towel.  The Sharpie will remain in the grooves from the letter stamps and make it just a bit more visible.

Way easier than you thought, right?!  Now go put ’em in your garden! And if you’re looking for more ideas for your yard, check out The Local Tree Experts. There’s a ton of great resources for pruning, trimming, and lots more tree care info.

They’d also make a super-cool gift for someone with a green thumb.  Maybe my bro-in-law will send us some pics of these little guys in action.  (Hint, hint…)  xoxo

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  1. Beautiful and clever as always. LOVE it. And, as a fellow green thumb… will use it! Thanks. A

  2. Yes, these would be so cute for indoor plants, too! Ana may I testify to the fact that these worked very well, you should see how big bro-in-law’s veggies have grown!

  3. So great. I’d love to try this, Chelsito – thanks for sharing! And a big “yes!” to your California reunion proposal – let’s do it! But I’d also love to see you before you go – let’s set something up!!

  4. Oh I’m so glad you posted how to do this! I’ve been dying to try this forever.



  5. This is so cool! What size of stamps did you use? I wanna get that kit but I am not sure about the size. ๐Ÿ™‚

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